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Part 210: Fanart


:siren: SPOILERS BELOW :siren:

mizure has dubbed this creation 'Malkuwuth'

mizure captures the essence of Mizu's character.

I get bored and put Shy Look Today's gift on Angela, this is the result.

mizure captures Yesod's true essence.

Zetsubou-san creates some sort of cool gang tag!

mizure pastes Mizu's head onto another relevant meme image :v:

mizure also made this gif for all your 'That's Lobcorp'-related needs.

Omniphile takes a quick photo of Mizu with #nofilter

xelada makes Punishing Bird into a M:tG card, and it's incredibly true-to-life

Boksi gives Angela an evil goatee

Tenebrais gives Malkuth and Yesod the same evil facial hair treatment as Angela

lets hang out uses an employee creator tool to show off Mizu during a big, important day.

Omniphile gives us another #nofilter look into the first doomed timeline

Tenebrais gives Just Mizu a whole new meaning.

mizure made this after 'Mizu' was edited into the game as a title suffix.

Foxfire_ shows off the story and management rules for our facility's resident abnormality agent.


Meanwhile, in an abandoned timeline:

Well aren't you just a familiar cutie!
BisbyWorl knows exactly what happens when Sephiroth dies in a power plant. :v:

jimmydalad grants us Talgma. Siglow? Something.

Tanegashima alters the MIB movie poster to feature a couple of our best employees

Tanegashima returns with edits of dubious quality.

Omniphile gives us Team Anime, practicing their poses for great Justice.

Chinely shows off Team Anime's employee ID cards.

Omniphile returns with a nice coloration of a previous picture.

Zetsubou-san made this to capture the essence of Mizu.

Elfface summarizes Lobotomy Corporation if Malkuth had the gun instead of X.

the Orb of Zot makes a System Shock 2 reference.

Quackles posted:

Quackles brings us this glorious cactus edit.

Tenebrais has always had a bad relationship with birds, it seems.

HeyItsKasey brings us Mizu's notes on Firebird

azren comes up with a foolproof way to tell the difference between Tiphereth and Tiphereth.

the Orb of Zot comes through with another Malkuth meme

VinnyDonuts gives us this totally normal picture of Malkuth.

Omniphile requests that we not ask where Punishing Bird got a tiny Bishop wig from.

Quackles deals 1000 White damage with this edit.

HeyItsKasey brings us Bishop, here to save our ass at the last moment.

CHiRAL suppresses Malkuth in an alternative fashion.

Iamgoofball believes we have their stapler.

Hurrock thinks they've found a way to help the Manager and Malkuth get along better.

mizure shows her clear bias.

the Orb of Zot created this as pennance.

mizure gives an impassioned defense of Hod.

the Orb of Zot brings us another crossover of some kind

HeyItsKasey makes Yesod look as menacing as he deserves

Dog Kisser brings us RICEZACH!

Verant brings a top-quality edit

Kith gives a tribute to Netzach speaking truth

Talisriel gives us a rendition of an Angela Meltdown

DrKirre provides us with a sprite of everyone's favorite Birb

the Orb of Zot tries to determine if X=A

Evil Kit gives us some of the upper layer Abnormalities during their downtime.

sorcrane grants us Anime Squad practicing in the Shelter

Evil Kit brings us the worst show on television.

DrKirre summons forth another bird-based pixel art.

Evil Kit brings us another game night, with the Safety Abnormalities (and bird) playing... Hungry Hungry Hippos?

sorcrane animates their previous work with REAL SMOOTH MOVES :moonrio:

DemiPZC made this of a very important agent demanding a very important thing.

sorcrane gives us Paul bowing to the most powerful force on earth: One Sin.

Xenav shows one way the corporation could be made slightly more terrible.

sorcrane presents Credentia chilling with Parasite Tree.

Also from sorcrane, Tenebrais is sick and tired of dealing with Firebird escapes.

Evil Kit began a trend of making motivational posters starring the abnormalities.

Xenav continues this trend in style.

Evil Kit moves on to give Knight of Despair a slogan.

Dead Reckoning gives us a sweet thought from a heart surrounded by legs.

Dead Reckoning made a good poster that has done nothing wrong in its life.

I make an attempt at a poster as well.

BisbyWorl took it and made it even memeier. :golfclap:

Rogue AI Goddess contributes to the poster train with an important statement on Clerk's Rights.

Evil Kit returns with well-wishes from The Dreaming Current.

Evil Kit also revises a previous poster to better reflect current events.

sorcrane immortalizes Bishop's bullet-dodging skills.

sorcrane made this, it's boxbot tetris!

Evil Kit creates a poster of a cutie-ootie wootie face.

sorcrane celebrates Mizu's new promotion by drawing a picture of her with an old friend.

Evil Kit brings us Angela stealing our goth bucket.

DimiPZC playing a terrible game in her off-hours.

sorcrane gives us a short comic about ears.

Octatonic goes all Evangelion on us.

Elfface creates a new E.G.O weapon for Mizu to deal with one of our problem Abnormalities.

Xenav merges the coffee-lover timelines.

Evil Kit tells us all we need to know about Hokma.

Arcvasti adds a little something to the background.

the Orb of Zot shows the end result of a horrible goose in the facility.

KazigluBey sets Mountain's movements to music.

LPFinale gives us a shot of Tenebrais's fan club on day 40.

mizure shows us what La Luna is all about.

azren sees a special connection between Mr.Black and Mizu. :allears:

Shaezerus made this fanart of Paul live on set... though not for much longer, it seems.

Obnoxipus's friend made this Grilled Chesed.

Arcvasti takes a shot at Hokma's boss card.

Acerbatus removes the censor from CENSORED and discovers true terror.

Evil Kit realizes the truth.

BisbyWorl brings us this masterpiece: Onesy in a onesie

mizure brought a delightful treat to her turn hanging out with the Manager

MinutePirateBug gives us a closeup of Binah's murderface

Rofaner makes it even more menacing

Evil Kit somehow makes everything even uwurse

Octatonic made this image, and a musical mashup of LobCorp and Drakengard

Crepuscule Adepte put the old plaque into A's office

HeyItsKasey brings us this art of Talow

Shaezerus gives us what is arguably Angela's backstory

Kith creates the perfect cogito advertisement

Lunar Suite summarizes endgame in a single image

Rogue AI Goddess gives us the gift of Bald Angela

Hokma bald, by Hwurmp

quiznossubs92 brings us Bald Malkuth

Lunar Suite contributes this very nicely done ad for Cogito

BisbyWorl shows us Lobotomy Corporation in three steps

bbcisdabomb brings us some cursed stuff, based on Carmen being an onion

MinutePirateBug shows us Adam's greatest secret: most of his hair is a wig

BisbyWorl makes a guess at what day 50 will be

gaphodil brings us this amazing comic. :allears:

cryptologicalMystic brings us this tribute to a fallen Agent.

Akumu gives us this Angela meme

Omniphile gives us one last pose for the road

Mizu immortalizes one of Medea's iceburns

Whit27 gives us another take on it

I did a science on We Can Change Anything and a Red-immune suit

MiiNiPaa makes one of my shitposts less sus with a new task list

MinutePirateBug gives us this, a rendition of my couchfort takeover of the downstairs after the wife showed weakness by getting my backup laptop to me at work at 3 am

Tatters makes an artist's interpretation of a funeral for Pauls

Lunar Suite posted:

Almost-Completed Let's Play


T-6-29 is an immaterial Abnormality that attaches itself to any video game played in the vicinity of its containment unit, turning it into T-6-29-1. T-6-29 replaces Attachment work with a special Work Type, "Let's Play", which causes the Agent to record gameplay of T-6-29-1 and construct a narrative. Whether the Agent intends to or not, T-6-29 becomes a part of that narrative.

T-6-29 causes BLACK damage, through dehydration of the host as well as attacks on their psyche. Even games noted for their non-threatening atmosphere or polished mechanics can erode an agent's sanity when they are overlaid by T-6-29.

Managerial Tips 1
The more data on T-6-29-1 accumulated on the Agent's hard drive, the lower their success rate when working with Almost-Completed Let's Play, and the higher its damage.

Managerial Tips 2
The more data on T-6-29-1 accumulated on the Agent's hard drive, the more PE Boxes Almost-Completed Let's Play produced.

Managerial Tips 3
When the work result was Good, the Qliphoth Counter lowered with a probability proportional to the amount of data accumulated on T-6-29-1.

Managerial Tips 4
When the Qliphoth Counter lowered, a proportion of the Agent's data was destroyed. The Agent took SP damage relative to how much data they had accumulated.

Managerial Tips 5
When the Qliphoth Counter lowered to 0, all data was destroyed instantly. High-Fortitude Agents die instantly; high-Prudence Agents are instantly panicked.

Managerial Tips 6
When a new agent began work with T-6-29, all previously-accumulated data was destroyed by compelling the Agent. They call this a "New Game".
Lunar Suite gave us this Abnormality, which is pure :lobcorp:

red plastic cup makes this joke which I promise will make sense after the entire LP is over

I asked mizure to make this, and since it was never used it lives here now :colbert:

Winterdragon2004 drew this tribute to their favorite agent and those we've lost