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Part 211: Evil Kit steals from the communal fridge

There was some odd footage of the communal kitchen Agents frequent recorded during the suppression. Unfortunately due to Yesod's tampering during the core suppression the video portions of the footage became extremely choppy to the point of becoming a slideshow and the audio portions became almost intelligible. Still, it seems worth submitting for review to the manager due to its unusual contents.

: *nefarious sounding lunch borrowing enjoyment noises*

: *muffled aloof sounding approaching kitchen noises*

: *nefarious sounding vanishing noises*

: *aloof sounding entering room noises*

: *aloof sounding hunger noises*

: *aloof sounding moving across room noises*

: *aloof sounding checking fridge noises*

: *muffled irritable sounding approaching kitchen noises*

: *aloof sounding angry at missing lunch noises*

: *irritable sounding laughing at others problems noises*

: *irritable sounding moving across room and checking fridge noises*

: *angry sounding thermos is missing noises*

: *angry sounding accusatory noises*

: *slightly irritated aloof sounding logical talking down to noises*

: *angry sounding argument noises*
: *aloof sounding argument noises*

: *inaudible yet nefarious sounding amusement and lunch munching noises*

: *inaudible yet nefarious sounding leaving via vent noises*

That seems to be all of the footage, after that the core suppression reaches a point where any further video or audio recordings have been lost.