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Part 212: Evil Kit in Abnormality storage

Manager, we have a report that the previous footage recovered is not an isolated incident and perhaps not related to Yesod. We are starting to believe that mildly nefarious intent seems to affect the audio and visual recordings to some degree. Our department is working on a solution but for now just reporting in on this is all we can do. We are unsure as to the agents true intentions but all we can say for sure is that his plans must be truly nefarious to cause such issues. Also, he must be very handsome and intelligent.

Here is the footage:

: *nefarious sounding sneaking into storage noises*

: *nefarious sounding number reading noises*

*nefarious sounds stop*

: *mildly nefarious noises resume*

: *mildly nefarious shuffling noises*

*mildly nefarious leaving quickly noises*

Seriously, who is this guy? We still can't tell from the footage, must be a master of disguise or something.