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Part 24: Day 12 - Story

Day 12: Story

Music: story 1

Don’t you find them somewhat lacking in certain ways? You have the liberty to disregard whatever they may say. However, please be kind to them.

I have never had any serious discussion with them. They seem to be uncomfortable conversing with me. Most likely due to the fact that I am a superior being.

This line is special, because the ID for it in the game's code includes a anim="Glad1". I haven't seen this anywhere else in the text files, so I think Angela is actually supposed to be smiling here but it's written in the wrong spot so it doesn't change anything? :iiam:

After all, I am the most advanced AI in this company.

In summary: Angela reminds us that the proper way to deal with the Sephirot is basically patronizing kindness. She also mentions again that she's the very bestest and smartest AI, so much that it gives the Sephirot an inferiority complex.

I'm starting to suspect that Angela isn't really a very good person, you guys. :ssh:

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

This is Hod. We've already met her for a few moments during both Malkuth's and Yesod's stories, but this is our first chance to properly say hi.

I’m Hod. I’m in charge of the Training Team. We’re… um… what we do is... You know accidents happen in the company.

Or less initiative, in some cases. :v:

So the Training Team provides employees with a work manual and sufficient training. You know, to try and reduce the number of accidents. We also help employees that are transferring to different departments in adapting to their new workplace… Umm, I’m not very skillful in many areas, but I’ll try not to be a hindrance, at least...!

I don’t know if it will work out, but… umm… Oh, you want to know more about the program?

I know exactly what it’s like. I mean, I don’t directly interact with the Abnormalities, but I know what it feels like to lose yourself… I’m not sure if employees will like my new program, or if it will prove to be helpful... I can only hope…

The game plays the same knocking sound effect here that we heard back on day 1.

No, no, it was your courage to bare your heart to me that really solved the problem. I just showed you where to start.

:j: I mean it. I’d have probably hung myself by now if it wasn’t for you. Anyway, Miss Hod, you really did save my life. I’m so fortunate to have you as my Sephirah. You’re a really, really good person.

:j: Of course, miss. I won’t.

I want to be as helpful a person I can be here. Because, the harder I try, the more lives I can save…

In summary: Hod is the head of the Training Team, which exists to teach agents how to avoid problems in the workday. She's introduced a new counseling program, and it seems to work pretty well if Tiffany is anything to go by. Tiffany is leaving to a new department, so we'll see how things turn out for her. Hod tries her best to save as many people as possible, and she'll probably try to kill us because she's an AI and this is a video game.

This mission would be easy if most of our regulars weren't already level 5 (and thus unable to be promoted). We'll be bringing back some of the newbies to help us complete it.

At this point you may have noticed that Yesod's new cutscene is missing, since yesterday we completed his mission as well. New scenes for a Sephirah only play when they're ready to give us their next mission, so let's check on the deployment screen to see what the requirements for Yesod's next mission are…

'Core Suppression,' huh? What a completely normal and nonthreatening name that definitely isn't giving me war flashbacks at all! :stonklol: Anyways, we haven't unlocked Netzach yet, can't unlock Tiphereth until day 21, and Malkuth mission 4 is killing the Dusk which requires day 21 as well, so it'll be a while.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Birds, death, and minor annoyance spirals.

Hod, is the Manager done with you?

Sure is! Umm… why'd you ask to see me?

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but the Manager seems to have an issue with seeing clerks as people. We lose a handful every day to Ordeals and breaches, but he just shrugs it off and says they 'don't count.'

I thought you didn't care about your crew.

That was that, and this is this. Unnecessary deaths should be avoided, regardless of personal feelings.

Oh! Umm… you're right, of course. We can't go against him, though... What do you think we should do?

I reviewed yesterday's data, and it seems one of your clerks might have the ability to make a usable agent. They witnessed multiple HE-level events, and managed to walk away without any increase to their mental corruption at all.

Oh… I know who you mean! They do everything at their own pace, but they're mostly reliable.

I believe that if we train that clerk as an agent and have them work alongside the others, it might do something to help change the Manager's mind about clerks.

That's... brilliant! I'll put them through the training materials right away! They should be ready in two… no, one day!

Keep me posted. I'll slide their data into our agent files once everything's ready.

Alright, Yesod! You know, you're cunning as a viper too.

Why, thank you.