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Part 34: Day 17 - Story

Day 17 - Story

Music: Wake up

At least she admits to it.

I also know how I should have represented myself, as a part of the system. Having distrust in me would mean distrusting the company itself, and by extension to distrust its founder, who was responsible for creating me. I know what the one who calls himself ‘B’ planted in you. I know how it has taken root in the soil of your mind, and sprouted upon you.

This is another random line, our first since day 1! They're all also just variations of this, talking about her overlooking things out of trying to earn trust.

And while it took 15 days to hit our first return of random lines, the next one is the very next line. She has three different ways to say "I have no choice but to wait." :v:

Perhaps you could have ignored what this ‘B’ said, and concentrated on your job. Instead, you kept on listening to ‘B’, and he finally succeeded in seeding distrust in you.

Music: mirror dimensions

In summary: Angela is going to murder B.

Music: Forgotten Entrance of Memories

In the game script X is supposed to think (Netzach’s eyes are closed) prior to this line, but this was cut out. Makes sense, since we can see his eyes are closed already.

When I shut my eyes, I feel like I’m in another place altogether. I see a different world, one I had belonged to. I think I remember doing something there, hoping to save someone else’s life. But here I am now.

What’s the point of delaying the inevitable… Those who work here have no future. None of those little things called plans and dreams. No self-reflections, no hopes to become a better person tomorrow. All of that’s a luxury they can’t afford.

Why do I have to bear the pain and get through it all, knowing tomorrow is going to be just as dreadful? We’re just lemmings running straight for the edge of the cliff… Speaking of, could we get a vending machine for beer?

I am developing a deep respect for the audacity of this AI.

>I'll order one for you.

What's so low about me? I’m just trying to improve the employee welfare.


>You know I can't do something like that.

Oh, I’d sure love to see you make it happen to me, ma’am.


Routes Merge Here

In summary: Netzach continues to be amazing, requesting a beer machine be installed and calling out Angela when she tries telling him off over it. He's lost his ability to give a single damn. Like the other Sephirot, he seems to have vague memories of a time before the company.

We pick up Netzach's new mission while we're here. It isn't too hard, so long as we don't get careless when working White damage Abnormalities.


If it isn't about the beer machine, I don't care.

I have a lot less control around here than I'd like. Frankly, a beer machine sounds great. But having alcoholics on staff...

It's not as big a problem as you'd think. Wasted employees die, but the energy comes out the same. That's all you care about, right?

That's all Angela cares about. I'm trying to move in a different direction.

Whatever you say. One more thing… can you get Mizu to stay out of my stash?


The enkephalin I use... For counseling. She went through half of it last night after we closed up, and came in this morning asking if she could have more.

How is she still breathing? I'll ask, but no promises. The agents don't always listen to me.

Cool. Night.

...Goodnight, Netzach. :sigh:

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Sephiroth continues to be a disappointment.

Oh hey there, SeyserKoze. What brings you to the Training department today?

You guys offer counseling, right?

Yes, but I can't authorize any enkephalin if that's-

I'm good, thanks. It's my hair. I told you how it can predict danger, right?

You did mention that. It's technology from one of the other Wings, right?

Yeah. It's been going off non-stop since I got back on active duty, and I'm starting to get worried.

Ahh… That's natural, I think.

How's that?

Somewhere deep down, everyone here is terrified. We don't know which day might be our last, so the most we can do is try and get through each day without incident. That uncertainty you're feeling… we all have it, you, me, even the Abnormalities.

Abnormalities aren't people. They don't have emotions.

I'm not so sure about that. I've been learning a lot about Abnormalities by working with them, and they seem to have wants and fears the same as any of us. I mean... It makes sense, doesn't it? They come from the human consciousness, so they must be similar.

I guess it's possible? It doesn't really help me, though.

Just try to remind yourself that everyone's afraid, and the most important thing is to not let yourself be overcome by that fear. Face the Fear, Build the Future, you know?

Isn't that just the company motto?

Hey, it's relevant! Just make sure to take the warning for what it is, and be careful.

Yeah… alright. I'll do that. Thanks.

No problem. You feeling better?

A bit. I think I'll be back, if I start feeling anxious again.

You're welcome anytime. It really helps to get these things off your chest!