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Part 37: Day 18 - Story

Day 18: Story

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

Well, it is something you must learn. ...I understand that the truth hurts. It’s—it’s hard for me as well… It feels like building up a sandcastle for years, only to kick it over once it’s done.

But I want to make things right, no matter the cost.

Music: None. *The sound of static plays.*

*The static stops.*

In summary: B is cut off just before revealing the final truth to us, and is also probably dead now.

Do it.

Cool. Night.



X, are you doing well? You did not even attempt to complain when Netzach showed his intention to sleep through the working day.

Fine. I'm fine. Just going to think about some stuff.

...Very well, X.

Bishop, we need to talk ASAP. My office in ten.

Roger, boss.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A new abnormality, brought to you by EA games. EA: We apply microtransactions to everything! :buddy:


GAH! Wha-what?!

I have a demand! I demand a new title! :colbert:

What-but-you can't just-why not use the mirror?

Because I don't wanna forget about a single cutie I've met!

Okay then… so, why do you need a new title?

Because 'Optimistic Architect' just doesn't suit me! I'm not an optimist, I'm a realist!

You think all the new Abnormalities are "cuties."

Yeah! Real cuties!


And I'm not an architect! I don't build things! Ever!

That's… more a metaphor than anything else. It means your insights are what our management plans are based on, so the fact that you always go in first-

Too flowery! Not cute at all! It's got to go. :colbert:

Uh… huh. So what am I supposed to change it to?

Something more fitting! I was thinking something like... 'Cutie Chaser' Mizu! 'Total Badass' Mizu! 'Super Special Awesomesauce' Mizu! Am I inspiring anything? You're inspired now, right? could say that.

Ooh! How about, 'Amazing Cutie Fan' Mizu? Or 'Well Gazer' Mizu? …'Dark Lord Tyrant' Mizu? Oh! Or maybe even-

How many of these do you have?!

I have a whole list!

I'll tell you what. Forward it to your boss. I'll tell him that he gets to decide if you get a new title.

Okie-dokie! Thanks, Mister Manager! :keke:

Your problem now, Netzach...

Ooh-what about 'Super Lovely' Mizu..?