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Part 39: Day 19 - Story

Day 19: Story

Music: Sentimental Moment

There once was a great AI, a sentinel of a company. The AI was so intelligent that many people feared it. Those who knew the AI left the company one by one.

The good AI waited, as that person was once a friend.

As a sentinel, the AI could no longer ignore the person’s actions. So it made a very, very difficult choice. No one would see that person ever again…

Another random line, but this one has just enough variation that I want to post the other three:

The AI was a bit sad, but it had no regrets about its decision.

In the end, it didn’t matter to the AI whether or not it was close to that person.

The AI did what it perceived to be the best course of action. A machine is a machine, after all.

And one more random line, but there's only two options and the other is pretty much the same.

In summary: Angela tells us a story that definitely isn't about her and B. It's totally about her and B you guys. :ssh:

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

Malkuth, friendship should not be an excuse to lie. Manager, Netzach is high as a kite on Enkephalin. He’s completely out of it.

You’re such a rat! What if Netzach gets punished?

Malkuth's looking like she wants to strangle Yesod. :ohdear:

Please don’t punish Netzach, manager.

Netzach is neglecting his responsibilities yet again, and so are you. Shouldn’t you be participating in your team’s internal meeting right now?

Capturing this just for Malkuth's customer service smile here. :allears: She's definitely annoyed right now.

Yeeeah… I'll go track him down. Thanks.

(You managed to find Netzach)

Man, why’s the ground shaking like that? Is it another breach? Lemme guess what you’re thinking.

I know, I’ve read your mind. I get that a lot from the other Sephirot. But, just think about it for a sec.

Is it wrong to try and escape from that reality for even just a moment? Look, I think we should be celebrating the fact that we survived another day. I don’t give a damn about the future of the company or whatever like that. There’s no tomorrow here. No hope. What have I done wrong?

If that’s the case, I repent, so tell whoever did this all to forgive me…

Forget it, I just… want to see this place crumble to pieces…

In summary: B didn't need to tell us AI could lie, Malkuth just showed us all on her own. :v:

Anyways, Netzach is very drunk, and laments his fate in no uncertain terms at all. He wants out, and if he can't get it, he might as well get wasted. He's not without spite, though: If you haven't been reading the flavor text for the missions I definitely think you should pay attention to the next one.

I've had one death, Netzach.

In this timeline, maybe.

Okay, okay, two deaths! And a couple of panics, but Sephiroth wasn't even my fault, that was to prevent something even worse from happening and he got better in like four seconds-

You're totally killing my buzz, Manager. Just do the mission, if it's so easy.

Fine. I'll show you what I can do. Again.


Rough day, boss?

You have no idea. Find anything?

There weren't any signs of a body anywhere I could get to. Not even any signs of a struggle. I've never seen a crime scene I couldn't pick out…

Hm. Do you think that an incredibly advanced, state-of-the-art AI could have covered it up completely?

I guess in theory, but… No. You don't think-?

I'm pretty sure she just… confessed. Kind of. In her Angela-y way.

Holy shit...

From what she said… I think it should be fine, as long as we don't get in the way of company operations, but I'm going to keep a very close eye on her anyways.

Should you be telling an employee all this?

No. No I should not. However, if something happens someone'll have to be able to step in.

And what happens when I bite it?

I rewind and do it right the next time.

Did you just mutter something?

Not at all. Don't worry about it, I won't let you die.

Well, that's not suspicious at all. :rolleyes:

Heh, sorry. Manager's rights. I won't keep you from your precious Malkuth any longer, though. Get back to it, tiger.

I keep telling you, it's not like- :sigh: I'll take care of the Control team as ordered, boss.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: New agents! Bees! A total lack of danger!

Chinely, I just got notice that you were returning to active duty!

I sure am! I just finished my training regimen for handling my work, too.

Oh, you mean those classes Hod gives where they fast-track your statistics to the next level? Those always make me ache all over after…

Oh, not that. I've just finished reading through the works of this 'Junji Ito' guy. He was a true visionary!

Your training was just reading?

And watching TV, yeah. See, I wasn't assigned anything to do, and the back-end work… well, the clerks mostly take care of that stuff. So, what I did was go ahead and look at anything that could possibly be helpful-horror, magical girls, horror involving magical girls… this one series about a talking bird, and a whole lot of office life shows. I should be prepared for anything!

If you really think that'll be okay…

I'm sure it will! Just in case, I also watched a bunch of shows about swordfighting and guns and stuff, and once I heard about the bees I grabbed a zombie movie, too... It's basically the same thing, right?

I guess that's close enough… Well, good luck! Have you met the new hires yet?

Oh, yeah! They looked all rabbit-eyed like we did back on day 10. I'm glad we're not newbies anymore.

If theoretical experience counts, anyways… :rolleyes:

Ah heck, just you wait-I'll show everyone my skills tomorrow. It'll be just like my animes! You'll see!

Alright, best of luck Chinely.

You too.