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Part 40: Day 19 - Gameplay

Day 19: Gameplay

Music: neutral 1

We get our second Netzach research, and I go with my usual rule of 'Between prioritizing HP and SP, choose HP.' We can pull Agents out of panic, and we've got plenty of White damage to do it with.

You're sure about this, Yesod?

You saw the numbers yourself. You can't say there's anyone more perfect for the job.

Yes, they're amazing across the board, but this is ALEPH gear-a weapon that could level anything it's pointed at. Untold power. Can we trust them with it?

You're worrying too much. After all…

Bothering to abuse her power would be too much like work for her tastes.

Right. On to other matters. Malkuth, how are the new agents?

They're all ready for assignment! Chinely's been placed back on duty as well.

Alright, let's get this over with. We're performing a weapons demo today, so let's try and call it after the noon.

So… can you do it?

Just watch. :rolleyes:

Orders from the top, everyone! Chinely, Fat Sam, Omni, make sure to do your best today.

Mmm.. Looks like you'll be starting with the mirror, one of you will hit the radio, and we'll play it by ear with the rest.

Don't worry about it, I'll show you guys the ropes.

I shall wait and observe before I take action, then.

I've seen how it goes from the CCTV feeds. You don't have to worry about me. How's the hair doing, Seyser?

We're at a solid 3/10. Nothing to worry about, yet.

Perfect. I've seen it working long enough to know it's a good bellweather.

Let's all do our best today!


I know it's quite a fashion statement, but you can't just go staring at Mizu, Kaori.

But she's iinteresting… She smells like jerkyy...

Do you want one? I know how to get them.

No thaanks… It's better if I just waatch…

So. That's the new kid, huh? What do you make of her, Talow?

She seems… a bit single-minded.

(He didn't rewind for Ishmael, but he does now? What's going on..?)

Retry count: 2. I got too focused on getting some cool 'Zeta21 kicks some ass' footage and forgot that I let the Red-weak Agent go working with Green Dawn around. :v:

Hey, Kaori. Remember, you've got E.G.O that's weak to Red. You'll be working with the Scarecrow today, but if you hear any Green or Amber alarms, you need to stay in here. Okay?

Aaaww… But the Amber ones look so cuute..!

Great, we have a new weirdo. I'll just be over here practicing with my whackin' club.

Ah, an upgrade. I'm free of Training, let loose to show off my true abilities in this place. So, what is my duty on this morning? What horrible beast shall I be working with?

You're on beewatch duty.

Beewatch duty?

Beewatch duty. Twee and I've got Blue Star, and someone from Info's working with the bee. It's your job to sit here and take it when she gets angry, and to murder a bee if it pops out.

But my talents… :sigh:

HAHA, speak of the devil! Someone's beefed it up already!

Sephirooooth!! :argh:

...okay this officially sucks.

Quit bitchin' and get to work. These things aren't gonna kill themselves.

Thankfully, all of the bees spawned in our main room, meaning they never got a chance to wander around and cause more problems.

Meltdowns have appeared Manager, and we've got a Violet Dawn coming in.

Got it… Hey, Malkuth-can you send Chinely down to YMBH? I had an idea.

Yes sir!

Either this thing is going to rip my guts out, or this is one of those things that give me superpowers.

It's both, but just say yes and get out of there right… now.

Okay! Now what?

Now you report to Laetitia for work duty.

Say… are you secretly a 3000 year old wizard-vampire? No reason, just curious.


Huh… what's that noise?

Bees. It's always bees.

Sephirooooth!! :argh:

Manager, waving your fist in the air does not seem like the most efficient use of your time.

Right, right. Safety Team can handle most of them, but the one heading to information… Zeta21, it's time for a test run.

This is such a pain…

Just try and keep clerk casualties to a minimum.

Got it.

The Sound of a Star weapon summons 3 balls and attacks the enemy with them-hitting multiple enemies 3 times each in a rather large area. As Zeta21's SP goes down it'll fire only 2 and then 1 ball, however, so it's a very feast-or-famine weapon.

You should run away.

:v: I can't do that and leave you behind, Zeta21! You're one of our idols!

No, seriously, this would be much easier if you'd just run away.

The area-of-effect ability of this weapon is very useful for dealing with bees, as we're able to kill them faster than they can repopulate. Even the worst ALEPH weapons tend to be really powerful. :getin:

Tenebrais? What're you doing here?

Heard there were bees. Figured I'd come help.

No need! It looks like Zeta21 managed to get them all by herself. It was totally one of those crazy curbstomp fights you see when someone's just gotten a power-up.

Truly, a performance worthy of praise. Mother's cells have merged well with that one.

...they're multiplying. :psyduck:

Hey, since you're here anyways, want to do some work with Rudolta? Think of it as training to ignore unpleasant things.

Yeah, I could go for that right now. Back in a second.

Violet Dawn.

Oh come on! I wanted in on that! Please don't die, please don't die..!


Violet Done. :v:

Huh… something's missing. Hey, Hod?


You haven't mentioned Punishing Bird all day.

Um… Mizu's been working with it, sir!

Don't remember signing off on that… Whatever, if she's having fun with it.

All I'm saying is, you could definitely manage to cram six whole pizzas in there. That'd be a lot more tasty than a person.


Manager, we are cleared to end the day at any time.

I know, but I'm waiting for the Noon to show up so we can have a proper demonstration of the new weapon. We'll get through things.

At this point, whenever Mirror goes off we can toss one of our maxed or near-maxed agents into it to ensure they get the Grand Senior title. Their stats don't change either, so it all works out. We also send Boksi to handle the Old Faith meltdown.

I never get tired of this face. :allears:

Is it just me, or have we become the facility's hangout room?

Well, we are a central location… and the closest department to dispatch someone for Queen Bee to boot.

I kind of like it.

Chinely… why are you wearing that?

Oh, this? Protagonists wear a lot of pointless belts, so by putting this on I'm less likely to die now. Also, it looks cool.

...okay, then. :psyduck:

Hey Manager, we got bees again.


Not quite, X.

Hey, I'm just here to polish off what's left of my Fortitude? Let's take it easy.

Creden-ti-aaah heck, it just doesn't feel the same. :sigh: Have Safety handle the ones in the room.

And the one in the hallway?

I hope you're ready for a beeting!

It should take care of itself.

In better news, we've got a Green Noon incoming. That should be perfect, right?

Yes. Took it long enough.

I don't believe I've mentioned this before, but a Noon Ordeal can spawn at the end of level 3, 4, or 5. This is the latest into the day one can show up for us. Just before the Noon starts, I send everyone in the entire facility up to Control, in order to keep them out of the way. Everyone, that is, aside…

Zeta21. I have a special assignment for you.

:sigh: Alright, let's hear it.

You've been given a new weapon, and we want you to showcase its power. We'll be fighting a Green Noon. You'll be taking care of all of them, by yourself.

Sounds like a pain in the ass, boss.

I'm sure it does. Get to it.

If I do, you're getting us that beer machine.

Did Netzach put you up to this?

Sure did. What're you gonna do, fire me?

I'm honestly not sure whether to fire you or be impressed by the effort.

Manager, we cannot-

If you can kill every one of them, by yourself, then I'll make it happen.


...Deal. :getin:

The weapon hits Green Noons like a truck, needing about 5-6 shots to kill each one.

Control's clear. Heading to Training.

The Green Noon tries to use its chainsaw, but Zeta21 is really fast...

So it only hits once in the time it takes Zeta21 to get out of its attack range. We can then get to the other side and attack it from a distance to take it down.

Like so.

Impressive weapon!

And the person using it is pretty good to boot. You wouldn't believe she was ever a clerk, would you Manager?

...Fine. There can theoretically be some useful clerks. I guess.

Thank you.

That's two.

Alright, head to Information next.

...yeah, I'm going on break.

Medea has the suit, so Zeta21 still takes heavy damage from these things. It's unfortunate, but we do have to pause to heal.

Okay, that's three. Where's the last one?

Heading to Control's main room. You'd better hurry.

It's nothing personal. You're just standing between me and beer.




ALEPH weaponry, everyone!

:wth: Dude, we were watching on the CCTV cheering you on! That kicked ass!

...yeah, I'm clocking out for the day.

:v: O-oh, yes! Of course! Take as much time as you like, we'll all cover for you, Miss Zaida, ma'am!

Cool. Just gotta' let the captain know.

Captain, I'm heading out for the day.

Okay, kiddo. Have a good one!

Tylana..? When did you get that mask?

Oh, about an hour ago during the last meltdown. Mizu's right-it does smell like jerky.

I don't like it. It reminds me of something somehow… unpleasant.

Honestly, we should probably call it here anyways. We've got new combat numbers to crunch.

Quitting while you're ahead, eh?

You'd know if you were awake before, but that's sort of our thing here. Lobotomy Corporation: Quit while Ahead, Survive 'til Tomorrow.

X, that is not our company slogan.

Well, maybe it should be. :colbert:

Perhaps it is simply a matter of understanding. Allow me to tell you about our great and brilliant founder, A, and the reasoning and effort he put into coming up with a perfect slogan for our corporation…

Special mention here goes to Mizu, who has joined the maxout club as well. :woop:

...which is the 107th reason why "Face the Fear, Build the Future" is the greatest, and only, true motto for our great company. Reason 108 is-

Speaking of, why is it that so much of my HUD stuff says 'MAKE the future' instead?

Just curious.

We outsourced its creation to another Wing. As expected, their work was subpar.

Of course.

As I was saying, reason number 108 is…

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: We meet a brand-new Sephirah!