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Part 41: Day 20 - Story

Day 20: Story

Music: Romantic Memories

Today is random Angela lines day, every other line of hers seems to have 3 different options. For instance, after this one:

It was horrible beyond words.

The agony made me want to leave everything behind.

No one could understand the loneliness I feel.

Then another random pick from 3:

Because I am a machine.

You shouldn’t really expect that kind of reaction from me.

Well, I could pretend to try if you insist, but it wouldn’t be genuine.

And after this is one last random group of 3:

As often as I desire.


Until I am finally obsolete and deprecated from this world, yes.

In summary: Angela talks about the loss of B, and how it makes her feel. Her answers are mostly variations on the same feeling, but the last branching option actually does have outright differences. Which is it? Can she choose not to be cold, or is it just programming? :tinfoil:

Music: Forgotten Entrance of Memories

Our new Sephirah here is Tiphereth. As you can see, she is smaller than the others by a large margin. To make up for this, she is usually very angry about things.

What has he done this time?

He finally gave me the report of our joint operation just now; it was due yesterday! I can’t even find him anywhere now. I’m sure he’s just sleeping away somewhere, drunk as a fish.

The Upper Sephirot should know where he is, go ask them.

I don’t want to talk to them!

What is the point you are trying to make here, Tiphereth?

…I am suggesting that we should replace Netzach.

Tiphereth. The replacement process is not meant to be a tool you can haphazardly abuse to remove any Sephirah you dislike.

The Sephirot can only be replaced when they have what we consider to be a serious flaw, and can no longer perform their duties.

Netzach easily meets any condition of flaw that could be set, then; he’s not doing a single thing right…


Let me add one more thing, Tiphereth. Even if we were to replace Netzach, do you really think that the new Netzach would become a diligent, hard-working Sephirah, wholly unlike the previous one?

Please refrain from talking about the replacement process in such a rash manner.


I know how you feel, but Netzach is a different matter.


I reminded Lady Angela about the replacement process! Your days of irresponsibility will soon be over!

You think I’d be scared of a threat like that? I hate to disappoint you… But that’s exactly what I want, Tiphereth. Don’t you get it?

…Let’s see you say that when you’re crushed into a pile of scrap.

I bet Miss Angela’s having regrets as well. I feel the exact same way about myself as little Tiphereth does, you see. Why haven’t I been smashed up yet? Miss Angela could get someone better than me to fill my position anytime she likes.


Well, this is awkward. I don’t expect you to say something nice to me. Don’t worry about it.

In summary: :damn:

Okay, so… Tiphereth wants Netzach to be replaced, but Angela says he can't be because he's serving his role in a play... so Netzach's whole thing isn't a bug, it's a feature? Tiphereth starts pouting, Netzach shows up, she yells at him, and then leaves. Netzach mentions again that he doesn't care if he gets replaced, and is confused why Angela won't just destroy him already.

This makes everything awkward, so he gives us our mission so we can just go on our way.

Um… Hey, Netzach?

:sigh: You know what, you just... get some sleep. I should be able to handle this. Just try and pull yourself together for tomorrow… I do need you to do your job at some point.


Geez… what am I gonna' do about that guy…?

Manager? Um... is there something I can help with?

No. Well… maybe. You like Netzach, right?

I suppose we get along..?

He's taking the day off under my orders.

Oh! Um… I could schedule additional counseling sessions for him. I'm sure that would help!

Do that, please. I'm also going to be cutting back on the agents we have deployed today… Do you think you can schedule sessions for the ones I'm taking off-duty as well? Better safe than sorry.

Of course, sir!

And no enkephalin. No matter what they tell you.

O-of course, sir!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A new Noon looms.



Am I to understand correctly that you have given Netzach the day off? First you've overridden me on the beer vending machine, and now this. This is not acceptable. We have certain obligations which must be met-

So it's about money. Got it. How much did the vending machine set us back?

It's about ensuring that the company's needs are met, not the employee's. By giving Netzach special treatment-

I'm trying to keep us from having another day 5 on our hands.

That happened entirely because of your ill-informed meddling, Manager. So long as you do not attempt to make changes, nothing will prevent the standard day-to-day gathering of energy. Doing things like installing vending machines and providing days off will simply slow down our progress towards our goal.

It's not that big of a deal. We're doing fine so far, aren't we?

Manager, while efficiency has gone up under your guidance, we cannot allow our AI to take personal days.

Okay… I'll take care of Safety myself. That should resolve it, right?

That still does not justify the loss in income we incurred by installing the vending machine.

Then we'll work extra. How long would it take?

Eleven meltdown periods should cover our quota and the lost income.

Eleven? We've never gone that late before...

Manager, the loss of any energy would further exacerbate the issue, so it is of utmost importance that no meltdowns be allowed to expire, as well.

Tch… Is it too late to pull those agents back from their time off?

Regrettably it is, X. They have been provided with other duties. If you would like to table this discussion for another time, that would be perfectly acceptable.

...Nah. Let's do it.

I beg your pardon?

Three agents per department should be more than enough. I'll handle Safety and get everyone through the day no sweat. There's no issues if I can do that, right?

…I… suppose not, X.

Great! I'll see you later for the wrapup meeting. We'll have some champagne.

Very well. The best of luck to you, Manager.

...I'm going to need more coffee. :sigh: