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Part 47: Day 23 - Story

Day 23: Story

Music: story 4

But what did fertile really mean to them? Is it worthy of all the tales of conflict and pain that took place? Numerous stories began and vanished. And in that process, people started to lose faith.

At a certain moment, a new civilization was born. Countless things changed in the blink of an eye. Along with the emergence of new technologies.

That’s right, just as the first humans wanted, those technologies had the intention to create a fertile world. People wanted a better world. And that aim for a better world set forth new spectacles ashimmer, a previously unimaginable sight that burst forth to the unprepared mind.

One thing is certain; it is what enabled me to speak with you now.

In summary: Singularities. They're a big deal, which every one of the Wings has. Each one is some sort of super-technology which allows the world to flourish. Angela doesn't say it, but ours is probably related to the Abnormalities.

Music: Town - Alone in a Crowd

You're welcome. :colbert:

They seem more motivated than usual. It’s rare to see such a lively atmosphere; it’s even getting me excited.

“Lively” isn’t really the right word. It’s more like, excited over a trivial thing. All because of a new manager. That’s nothing special to us.

Be more understanding, Tiphereth. This is Lobotomy Corporation. News is rare other than the usual word of someone’s death. The employees need something to talk about.

Well, if it makes them more efficient at work for even a short time, then yes, I’ll be understanding. What I can’t get is why they’re so noisy about it all.

Weren’t you excited the first time a new manager came in as well?

It’s still worth the excitement, even if it’s not the first time to happen. Do you remember? Back then, when we made a bet over whether the manager could save an employee who was at 95% mental corruption.

Of course I remember. I bet that he couldn’t, and you placed your bet on them being saved.

Yeah, though the employee died, unfortunately.

I was so happy with my victory, I insisted on keeping up our bets, even though the result always ended up the same.

Well, because you always lost. Winning wasn’t fun anymore.

I never bet without thinking it through, though. I always placed my hope in him, thinking: “Maybe this time”.

It’s a shame that you never got to win once.

Well, maybe if we had infinite time, I guess a day would come when my hopes could come true.

>I could hedge on it happening.

Perhaps the bet could have turned out differently if we’d met sooner.


>Don’t bet on a pipe dream.

I’ve always had faith in you, and I still trust you to save them one day.


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In summary: The employees are chattering more than usual about the manager, and Tiphereth doesn't really care since she's seen it so many times. Tiphereth still thinks it's a cause for excitement though, since it's talking about something that isn't death. Tiphereth and Tiphereth used to make bets long ago, and while Tiphereth always bet that the manager would succeed, Tiphereth always bet the manager would fail-and she'd always win. Tiphereth hopes that we'll be the manager who can save an employee one day.

More of this?

It's harder now! Just because you did it once doesn't mean you'll do it every time.

It's important to practice, to make sure you can do all you can.

In that case… Hey, how about you two make one more bet? Think I can make it without having to rewind things?

Hmph! Don't be ridiculous, of course you'll fail.

Well, I think he'll succeed this time.

Again? Alright, I guess I don't mind winning one more time.

We'll see about that.


Why, Hod, you seem worried.

Oh, um… it's nothing, really. I had a counseling session scheduled, but the employee hasn't shown up.

Oh my! Do you think they found another source of enkephalin?

Um… I haven't given any more out since that time, so…

I see! Then they must not be showing up because of that. We can't have any addicts on staff-who was it you were waiting on?

I'm sure it's not that kind of problem!

No need to be shy. You know I've worked hard to be a competent Sephirah, and I'll lend you my talents for this.


I'm sure if I just ask everyone, I'll be able to find the missing person! I'm off!

Thanks for the thought, but I really don't need that..! Malkuth! Hey, Malkuth!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: We have a bet to win. :getin:

Oh, there you are, Mr.Blond! You're supposed to be talking with Hod right now!

I don't need to be talking to anyone. All these programs and requirements… S'enough to make me miss Safety.

Don't be like that! Malkuth's looking for you too, you know.

Eww… Fine, I guess I'll make an appearance. We both know I'm one of the best-adjusted people here, anyways.

You've certainly not let things change your everyday pattern. Still, that doesn't mean regular mental health check-ups are bad.

It's just so banal, though. And it's like… What does she care?

She's your boss. It's her job to care.

Well, I'd appreciate it if she wasn't such a pain in the ass about it. I swear she's not doing it for us, but because it makes her feel better about having so many employees die.


Come on, we all know it's true.

It's a hard job for all of us, and everyone has their own way to cope. :colbert:

Yeah, and mine is not dealing with other people's bull.

Please at least think about going in the future? She's trying her hardest just like the rest of us.

Fine, fine… but only 'cause if I don't she might sic that Control freak on me again.