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Part 49: Day 24 - Story

Day 24: Story

Music: Wake up

It seems that an employee who wanted to become intimate with you put it there. If I were to give my personal input, I don’t like cacti much. There could be various reasons for one to grow a plant. However, its vicious thorns are not something worth enduring like those of a rose, as it is not pleasing to the sight. Nor does it produce valuable sap like a maple tree. I’ve also never seen one grow a flower bud.

That possibility is something I’ve never witnessed, as it may be that all cacti I have known spread their roots into barren soil.

>Yes, it might.

Well, if you’re so certain about it, then keep it. This place doesn’t even have sunlight, but who am I to stop you?


>No, it probably won't.

Do you think it rude to get rid of something you’ve received as a gift? Be careful, it could prick you when you reach for other things strewn about your disordered desk.


Routes Merge Here

In Summary: We have a cactus on our desk that an employee gave us. There is no deeper meaning here, no purpose, no mysterious foreshadowing, and there is nothing more that needs to be considered. We simply own a cactus. Cactus.

Music: Forgotten Entrance Of Memories

If you’re looking for Tiphereth, she’s still at the Middle Layer meeting.

I’m bad at holding conversations. I kinda miss the managers who were more talkative at times like this.

Have you noticed that someone’s memory and emotion bleeds and seeps out of us? As you’ve seen, we act angry, feel happy, want things, and look sad, even though we’re machines. We even have our own weaknesses. Why is that? What’s inside of us?

I tried to find the answer… But I really couldn’t get it. I’m sure you have that answer.

Music: mirror dimensions

Maybe there’s a reason why there has to be imperfection? We’re machines, yet, not machines…

Music: Frozen Moon


Tiphereth, it’s troublesome to have a conversation that’s this fun.

But it can be rebuilt anytime we need, right?

Well, it’s still an asset to the corporation, so I would prefer not to have it go to waste. Tiphereth, perhaps we should explain it to the manager first.

Huh, why?

I’ve told you, Tiphereth, the human mind is a fragile thing. It’s not capable enough to perceive the existence of beings like us in our wholeness.

Humans are susceptible to the unknown. The scene doesn’t always have to be graphic to break the mind.

Ugh… there’s so much to be mindful of… Why can’t they just replace managers with machines? We could simply replace them whenever they try to do something stupid, like how we replace Tiphereth.

Tiphereth, there are things only humans are able to take care of. The founder of Lobotomy Corporation must have had a reason for assigning a human manager.

I know that place.

Tiphereth, what are you talking about? It’s where we always go during work.

I don’t mean that. I remember what happened there last time.

You do? That’s great. Thank you for helping me, like you always do.

In summary: Tiphereth seems to think we know something, and suddenly starts breaking down when he mentions they're machines yet not. Tiphereth shows up, realizes he's broken, and calls Angela so that they can replace him. :ohdear: They'll be doing this somewhere where the filter we've been using is weaker, apparently.

It's a shame about Tiphereth. I'm sure he would have loved to hold winning over your head, for once.

...Get bent, Manager.

Ah. Yeah, I'll get back to work.

Let me make sure I follow: Tiphereth said that somewhere in your memory is the reason why the Sephirot are so weird?

Pretty much. So they know something I don't, and I apparently know-

Something about this company. And you're sure you don't remember anything?

Yeah. I've been feeling those gut instincts getting stronger lately… but that's it.

The ones that let you know what to pick?

Yeah. Sometimes I get ideas of how to deal with things now, too. Not that it helps much, given that…

Mizu exists, yeah. She's gonna get her face chewed off by an Abnormality someday.

Anyways, if you find anything out, let me know.

Will do. Hey, so-

Bishop? Who're you calling?

Later. *click*

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: I accidentally prove that I'm the most badass moron in the facility.

Oh, hi Malkuth. It wasn't anyone important. Just family.

How nice! I'm glad you have so much time to spend on frivolous matters.

Well, that's because you've been taking care of everything.

Of course! My job is the one thing I can take care of perfectly.

Oh, I'm sure that's not true. :rolleyes:

But it is. I had to work incredibly hard to get to where I am right now, you know? I remember long before now, how I'd fumble and fail at everything… Trying my very best, every day...

Hey, boss… are you okay?

Why wouldn't I be, Bishop? I'm clearly fine, can't you see?

You just seem like you've been pushing yourself a little too hard lately.

That's not a problem! The new Manager doesn't have any idea what he's doing, so I have to work hard to make up for his slack. And my agents are all able to meet standards, but when the other departments call them away for this or that I have to take care of things there, too. But it's fine, because I'm a very competent Sephirah. That's what I was made to do. That's why… I'm not an 'even Malkuth'… I'm the best Sephirah in the building at my job… and the Control Team isn't like those other departments...

Hell. If this keeps up, I might not even have two weeks… I'll have to stay on my toes.