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Part 54: Day 26 - Story

Day 26: Story

Music: Romantic

I’m really, really glad to join this team! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is ------! I’ll try my best to be helpful to the team! Oh, I was writing a report. Where’d it get off to?

Nothing could be achieved through passion alone. It was obvious what mistakes impatience could cause, so we needed to take our time. The situation wasn’t bright enough for me to remember everyone’s name or personally respond to meaningless gestures.

Music: Strange Dream

This choice doesn't matter.

I think you confuse us for humans from time to time. I feel like I had a real dream for the first time in a while. The other Sephirot told me that I damaged the facility a lot.


That feeling of sailing the ocean without a map or any kind of guidance. The feeling of groping blindly through a vast darkness. It feels like I’m an island on that vast ocean.

I work in the Control Team.

I’m sure you know how it feels, manager. Everything starts tumbling down on top of you when you start thinking you might not be able to handle it.

Don’t look away from them, saying that there’s nothing you can do for them. Don’t just be sorry for the dying sacrifices. Don’t blame yourself, thinking that you could have done better. Only after you can confront those moments as they are… Will you be able to see other things.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure you would make it.

We can’t change the past, I know. I don’t expect you to be a shining beacon or a lighthouse in the vast ocean, or that this place will suddenly become all peaceful and warm. But… Maybe we can just try and wait, right?


....Like we are now.

And finally, the Generation of the Seed of Light ticks up from 0% to 10%. Hooray?

In summary: Malkuth seems much more lucid now, and asks us to not turn away from our responsibilities over the lives of our employees. All of this hoopla causes our Seed of Light to grow from 0 to 10%, presumably this is the 'seed that breaks the cycle' that Angela mentioned yesterday. The perception filter over Malkuth stops, letting us see her true form from now on.

So… you don't remember anything?

Like I said, it was like a dream. I feel much better now, though. I should be able to resume my duties.

Perfectly, right?

Things may not go as we expect… but I'm sure that it'll work out fine.

Huh… Alright. Let me know if you start feeling like a couple days ago, okay?

Will do, sir!

Well heck. Whatever I did, it fixed her.

Music: Dear Lorenne

I attempted to tell you that it was reckless, however, it wasn’t such a big loss on our end. I realized that a large quantity of energy was refined during the process of restoring that Sephirah. If you wish to know why such an occurrence passed, well, the day will come when you find out.

In summary: We didn't deal as much damage as Angela thought we would, and she says someday we'll find out why something like this occurred. There's also some text left in the script that doesn't show up here, so I'll put it below.

Cut content posted:

Meanwhile, the other Sephirot were deactivated, or rather, put into hibernation.

Even though there was a significant surge of power, it wasn’t quite sufficient to keep all of them running, so I let them rest for a little.

I guess this is supposed to explain why the other Sephirot don't talk to us during the meltdowns, but I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere else so this could have been changed or just deemed unimportant.

So… doing that was profitable?

Yes. All told, we managed to create several thousand times more energy than we have on any of your previous days. Even after the repairs are accounted for, this was a startling success.

Sounds pretty good. And Malkuth?

She has hit all required benchmarks to resume regular function, so it is not necessary to replace her at this time.

Geez… So they go crazy and change into that, and we still don't replace them? Is this part of that 'play' thing, too?

The day will come when you will find that out, as well.

That again? Can't you give me anything more to go on?


Music: Romantic Memories

I can remember everything.

That belief was hope, a light full of aspiration. Proof that the world was not yet wholly beyond saving, a compass that guided people towards and along the path they should follow. A destiny placed upon them, meant to be carried since the beginning of time. A noble instinct forgotten by most people.

The same person also told us that we are all losing something, and that we don’t even know what it is we are losing.

Not a single soul believed that story at first. Everyone was able to walk, see, hear, and speak. All disease had long since been conquered. Eventually, more and more people joined alongside the strong belief held by that person.

Although, it took a lot of time to conclude that the shell must be broken… Once the decision had been made, all seemed well.

In summary: Angela gives us a quick history lesson, about a figure who was sure that the world was leading to its own destruction. Given that one of the shadowy figures up there is clearly Malkuth, she's probably talking about the history of Lobotomy Corporation itself.

Just like days 11-20, we have a choice of where to open now between two departments: Welfare and Disciplinary.

Disciplinary is headed by Gebura, who is awesome. For players who are new to the game, I very strongly recommend heading to Disciplinary first, since there are a number of very useful researches there that let us use Execution bullets to remove clerks as an issue and call in special help to save us from emergency situations. We basically can't go wrong with Gebura.

Chesed's research is all related to the Healing bullets-which are less effective than Shield bullets-and one of his researches is bugged out so that it does nothing at all without a mod to fix it. It's not ideal, but to be fair he carries a mug at all times so our choice is obvious.

I suppose I'll get right to work, then~

Yeah, you won't be introducing yourself properly until tomorrow, right?

How observant. I can see you've done this a few times before.

Pattern recognition is one of my strong suits, I guess.

How nice for you. I'm going to put some coffee on and get right to setting things up. See you in a few hours~

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Shrooms and also tripping.


Elijah sprite

Malkuth robot sprite

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Bishop! You're back! Did you fix everything?

Naturally. How's Malkuth?

She got back before you, ready to go like usual.

Since we're all finally back here, let's give it our all like always.

Right. Fall in, everyone.

Yes sir, captain!



I'm showing all three of you were out of the department yesterday? According to company policy, your seniority's all been removed. It'll be seven days before Bishop's 'captain' again.

Boss that is a load of horsepiss.

Sorry. I don't make the rules. :shrug:

Well… it doesn't matter much.

We know who the captain is either way, right?

...You guys… :rolleyes:

I guess I can allow that. Control Team…

Move out!