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Part 56: Day 26 - Supplemental

Day 26: Supplemental - Captain's Meeting

Since I have no Mechanics Talk, Abnormality Roundups, or Team Bonus Content to offer, instead here's something completely different! I may or may not do more of these in the future. There's not going to be any actual gameplay in any of the Supplementals, so they're skippable if you only want the cold hard feeling of managerial madness.

Facility X-394 Meeting Room, Captain's Meeting

This meeting's off schedule, isn't it?

Sure is, kiddo. Wonder why Bishop called it..?

More to the point, what's he doing here? He's not a captain of anything.

Sure I am, you just don't know it yet.

Tch, cocky little…

Quiet down, everyone. We're here to discuss recent events.

As you all know, my Sephirah Malkuth had some sort of breakdown that resulted in a massive facility-wide problem. This was because of her issues with the manager. I figure we should compare notes. Do any of your Sephirot have any problems with him that might explode out of control?

My Sephiroth seems to have a couple issues, but Yesod's fine.


Seriously? :what:



Well, Tiphereth was replaced, and from the sound of it this happens a lot.

But he was replaced-and as long as Tiphereth is fine, she can pull double duty for the both of them. I don't think either of them resents the manager over it either. S'not his fault Tiphereth's glitchy.

And there's nothing to worry about from Netzach! HAHAHA, he doesn't care about anything at all, manager included! Why, he let me draw a smiling face on him before without complaint!

Chesed only just got to work, and I haven't noticed anything wrong at all. He makes some really good coffee, though.

Can't argue there.

Well… wait. Hod did have that counseling program that was cancelled a while ago by the management. You don't think..? Do you?

It's possible. I've been here longer than any of you, and even I'd never seen something like that before. It's a complete mystery.

So that's the cause… There's a chance we might see something like that again soon.

I had a hunch.

You, a hunch? :rolleyes:

Stow it, you. Anyways, from what I learned the manager needs to figure out the root cause behind the Sephirah's problem and help them work through it, while refining energy for some kind of purpose. I guess maybe to cement the fix?

Makes as much sense as anything.

Achieving apotheosis and returning from a monster to an actualized being does tend to require a lot of magical energy in the stories I've read.



Well… if that's the case, we can trust the manager with it, right?

Hell no. He's a total jackass.

Little better than the past few, but definitely a jackass.

But he saved Malkuth, right? Surely...

He saved her, kicking and screaming the whole way. If I hadn't had to learn about how to disarm a conflict, we'd still be banging our head against that wall. Anyways, I've given each of you a copy of a map I made. It'll tell you how to get to where he is in the event something happens.

Isn't that a massive security breach?

Well, normally you'd have to deal with sentries. Turns out that when Malkuth was having her episode, though, they were all inactive. Even a newbie could make it all the way down there in those circumstances.

So… what are you saying we should do here?

Seems pretty obvious. Nobody knows our Sephirah like us, so if there's a problem we should head down there and make sure that idiot manager of ours does his job like a proper nestborn. That about it?

Unusually astute of you, Boksi.

What do you mean 'unusual?'

Bishop's just cranky because he didn't get to say it.

HAHAHA, how like him!

Setting that aside, I think we should all agree to move forward with this action plan should anything else happen.

Shouldn't we make sure the boss or the others know?

No. The fewer people who know about this, the better. Heck, officially this meeting isn't happening right now.

That would explain the lack of cameras.

You noticed, eh?

'Course I did, kiddo. Your work's never exactly been subtle.

Don't know what you're-

Anyways, I got it, we don't talk to the others about this. Why, exactly?

We've gotta keep the circle of people who know small. Otherwise, someone who wants one of our jobs could try ratting us out to steal it. Or, the management could get mad that we know they're incompetent and decide to retire us to prove a point. Dangerous company. Lots of ways an accident could happen.

I don't like agreeing with Talow, but he's right. The only people we can trust here is us.

I don't exactly like it… but okay.

I'm in, I guess.

If my Tiphereth somehow happens to melt down, I'll take care of business.

Same for me and Yesod. It'd be a shame to lose the old mummy.

Worry not! I'll solve any problem with a smile on my face!

Then it's unanimous. Let's do this, everyone!

All in, everyone. Face the fear..!