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Part 59: Day 27 - Supplemental

Day 27: Supplemental

Day 20: The Universe Where Credentia Wore the Wrong Pants, Day 7

Oooh I'm heading on back 'cause I founda cool thing, so I went and I grabbed it and a -home I will briiing, it? Oh!

Well hello there, little cutie! I can smell you in there! You wanna come out and play?

. . . aww. It ran.

Oh well! Hey everyone! I'm ho~ome!!

Mizu? Is that you? Did you find Omni and Chinely? Oh god-what happened to your face?!

I got hungry.

Ooo… what did it taaste like..?

Jerky! Also, teeth.

You ate the teeth, too? N-no, nevermind. So, how's the rest of Control doing?

Well, Chinely said something about swearing an oath over Bishop's sacrifice to find a way out… so him and Boksi and Omni are all working together to dig a way deeper so we can hole up in a really deep bunker before that cutie Blue Star gets out. They found a bunch of supplies sealed off way, waaaay below the Training department, but not much else. That ora ora stuff is really good for digging through to vents!

That's good. I was worried those two'd take it harder. When the regenerator started running at half-capacity… Well, we were all a little out of sorts when... the bees… Well, Safety's been barricaded off, so that's not a problem anymore.

You mentioned suppliies..? Did they manage to get iin?

Don't you worry about that! It took a while, but I got through the door, and I got first pick on the stuff in there! It was just a bunch of tubes, though. I took the shiniest one.

Tubes? What kind of tubes?

Here, I'll show you!

It's the stuff that makes your insides out!

Mizu, that stuff's super dangerous! You remember what they said in training-if we see any out and about we're supposed to notify management immediately.

Mmm… But the management's gone miissing… I guess we could caall them…

Still… it's got to be a ticking time bomb.

Oh, no problem! It's empty now. I'm just gonna cut off the stabby end and use it as a shotglass.

...It wasn't empty befoore?

Nope! But I like my insides inside so I made sure to get rid of it. Luckily, I found somewhere to do it!

...Mizu. What did you do.

There was this agent, right? And their insides were already outside, but they weren't quite dead. So… since their insides were already outside I figured it wouldn't hurt to jab it in and push the thingy and empty it out right there!

Why didn't you just drain it onto the floor?!

'cause that'd stain the tile, duh.

Oooo!!!! That could meean something iinteresting will happen..! :allears:

Yeah, but I waited around for like ten minutes and they just convulsed a whole bunch. It sucked. I wanted to see something cute. That body must'a been just too weak.

You're… You're grounded, Mizu.

What?! But I didn't even do anything!

No buts! Grounded! Kaori, you're on going out duty if anything comes up.


Hooraay..! I get to see stuuff..!

Training Department, A Hallway

[this image has been redacted for excessive gore]

musn't… die… can't… die… won't… die...

this world… must be... healed… so much… I must… do… still…

I… won't... Gh…. Ghhk… Burns… Won't stop...