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Part 62: Day 28 - Supplemental

Day 28: Supplemental

Facility X-394 Meeting Room, Upper Sephirot Meeting

How's Netzach doing, Hod?

He's still in the middle of detox. It'll be about another five or six hours.

Thank goodness the manager was able to render so much of the Enkephalin inert… I was worried.

It's never good to lose one of our own. I feel so horrible for Tiphereth each time…

Well, it's almost time for the meeting. Where's Yesod?

The last I heard, he had a couple more tasks to do prior to arriving. He should be here on time. Um…

Do you have a question?

When you… needed repair… did you remember anything?

Why, did you?

Oh, um… Yes. I remembered several things. I'm carrying them with me even now.

I remembered dying. That was actually part of the problem.

Oh my. So then… There's no easy way to put this, but… Did you realize what I realized?

You mean the thing where our manager's definitely one of the founders?

!! Yes! Absolutely! I didn't know if I should say, but… the resemblance is just uncanny isn't it?

For sure. If he's not the guy himself, he's definitely a relative.

That'd explain why he seems to be so competent at working with Abnormalities, too, wouldn't it?

And why he doesn't bother worrying about half the employees.

The clerk half.

Thank goodness. I was worried it was just me. Do you think Netzach..?

I'm sure he's probably remembered something too. That just leaves Yesod out.

Leaves me out of what, exactly?

Oh, Yesod! When did you get here?

A couple of minutes ago. You were having such an interesting conversation I didn't want to interrupt…

Oh! You… you think so?

Yes. Please, go on. I'm very interested in what you have to say about this manager of ours. The meeting can wait a little bit, right?

You… you got it..! Yesod..!