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Part 67: Day 31 - Story

Day 31: Story

Music: Alone

You know we don’t have to. Besides, Carmen told us that we didn’t have to worry about anything here, too.

Of course, it’d be really fun to spend time with you here, without a care in the world. Sometimes I imagine a future like that. It would be a very happy one. But, how would we be able to find meaning in our lives there?

We were only able to live on thanks to an unexpected turn of events. Settling for simple comfort in this place is not what I was born to do. And it shouldn’t be, either.

Your words are too hard for me. Why do you have so many thoughts on your mind? They say too much thinking might make you a weird person.

Another fade to black. Tiphereth 5 basically starts with a lot of little scenes put together (which is very lucky for me since I'm cutting it up over a few days :ssh: ).

I never loved my own life for even a second. How nice would it be to live in a happy world next time?

Enoch… Are you hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt one bit.

In summary: Enoch agrees to help with the proto-Lobotomy Corporation's tests, and in the end he winds up dying because of it. He remains optimistic to the end. :smith:

Tiphereth, you're doing it again.

...huhwhat? No I wasn't! You were!

It's okay to take a break if you're not feeling well. I can cover for you.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm alright. Tiphereth is the greatest Sephirah in the entire company, after all.

Music: Dungeon - Spooky Subway

Music: Wake Up

That’s great! Now I can really see what a jack-of-all-trades can do. To be frank, I thought I was pretty great too. But now, watching you makes me think I was terribly full of myself.


I think I would make a serviceable assistant. It’s good that you’re up and passionate again. It is an honor to take part in a project with a scholar I respect. Is something the matter? …. Are you okay right now?

If a ray of sunlight breaks your heart and collapses your mind with longing and nostalgia… And seeing plants outside evokes an unknown rage, tearing down your rational thought… Then we have no choice but to stay underground.

In summary: We remember B offering to become our assistant. Angela cuts in and states that we went underground because the simple act of being outside was enough to send A over the edge.

Wait… that's why we're underground? Because she.. Died?

Other managers found it difficult to believe as well. I recommend shutting your eyes and picturing it. The green grass, the sun on your face as you-

-This is stupid, let's just move on.

Of course, X.

That's the plan. Looking forward to-

Skip the smalltalk, there's a battle to prepare for. See you later, if you survive.

...yeesh. She didn't even look over at the camera.

She is quite focused, Manager. I'm sure you'll have more time to speak tomorrow.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: :ducksiren: Bird is the word :ducksiren:


Kaori? What're you up to?

I've been assiigned to the Iinfoo Team again… That means another chaance…

I'm not sure how that leads to you hiding in here and peeking down the entire hallway with those binoculars.

You don't understaand… I'm sure that D.A.D.'s one of theem…

An Abnormality?

An aalieen..! I'm going to traack it down and proove iit..!

Um… okay. And how long have you been having this delusion?

It's noot a deluusion..! It's the truuth..!

...Kaori, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

What foor..?

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a standard psychiatric evaluation.

...I'm noot craazy…

You're thinking that one of our team captains may be an alien. That's a little crazy.

I don't thiink, I'm suure..! We've been iinfiltrated..! Proobed..!

Okay, I've seen enough. Come on, Kaori, we'll get you all taken care of.

Nooo..! I don't waannaa..! I'm innocent I tell yoou..! Innnoceent..!