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Part 68: Day 31 - Gameplay mini

Day 31: Gameplay mini

Music: First Trumpet

We have been in this day for five minutes. Does anyone want to tell me why is there a fish in the middle of Central?

I think I may know, sir. Look at this.

Welcome to the team, you two. I'm sure you've heard of me, so I don't need to introduce myself.

I've heard a few things, most of them… words.

I heard you were the best captain of all time, Boksi. Related note, I'm going on break.

What? But the day just-

That's not very best-captain-ever of you.

...Alright. Fine! I suppose I can allow it! At least grab the Yang amulet before you go, we're reading a meltdown.

Sure, I guess. :rolleyes:


And now there's fish, Manager.

Yes. Great. Wonderful.

Do we engage?

We've never faced these two before. It's dangerous.

Let's observe for now.

...ugh, fine. :mad:

Yang (fish mode) doesn't actually attack, instead releasing a wave that heals HP and SP of nearby employees. It isn't completely defenseless, mirroring any damage it takes as White damage to its attacker.

Yin (fish mode), on the other hand, is kind of a beast. It deals 25 Black damage periodically in an aura around itself, and has a special laser attack which deals 100 Black damage. Trying to suppress them is incredibly difficult, as if either one is suppressed, the other must be suppressed in a relatively short time or else it will revive at full HP.

The two of them select a room in the facility to meet up, and both begin moving towards it. In this case the room was Central 3, so despite Yang starting on Central 4 and Yin starting just to the left of it, they both go through the entire room to get to their destination.

Welfare is open as a shelter. The agents should hide there.

Let's do it, then. Everyone, report to Welfare.

I hide most of the agents in Welfare while the fish are swimming towards each other, because when they meet…

They've merged!

Brace for impact!

At the end of the beginning, the dragon which now became a great avatar soared through the sky.
-Yin's story

So yeah. Giant dragon.

Status report, everyone!

The dragon flies through the facility, and does two things. The first is that it instantly inverts the HP/SP of anything it touches. 100% HP becomes 0%, 47% becomes 53%, and so on. Given that everyone in our facility was at full health, this means it would kill anything that it touched. The second thing that it does is instantly lower the QC of any Abnormality with a full QC it flies through to 0. This means that in addition to the list above, we have Queen Bee firing off some spores.

The birds all being freed also triggered something, but nothing came of it and we'll cover it later so let's skip over that bit. I'll bring it up later when it matters, I promise. :ssh:

One other note: while the girl Tiphereth is currently considered in meltdown status by the game, the boy Tiphereth is not. This means that the game will still check and see which Tiphereth is saying the line when Central has a breach or death, and if it's the boy then the line still shows up. That's really neat, and I didn't know about it until grabbing this footage.

Music: STOPS

So anyways, we've got Blue Star out in Disciplinary, and I decide to see if our facility can take care of it now.

Finally. Let's get to work, people!

We wind up taking some casualties, Evil Kit and a couple of newbies, but our damage is much better than it was-with White bullets we're able to take the thing out!

Manager, our losses aren't sustainable.

Right-we'll be rewinding then. Let's just see what we can manage.

Blue Star's been suppressed. With extreme prejudice.

Let's handle the new bird now, then.

Music: Second Trumpet

The darkness in Disciplinary is because of our new Abnormality, which has just succeeded in killing our last newbie. We'll cover exactly what it does in the full update, but for now? :iiam:

Gebura, what the hell are you doing down there?

Making sure we hurt this thing as much as it hurts ours! Nobody retreats 'til it's dead!

Gebura, your musclebrained strategies are getting my agents killed.

Maybe if you weren't so damn soft on them, they wouldn't fall over at a stiff breeze!

Hey, that's not too nice~

Less talking, more attacking! Regroup and crush it!

It's really hard to see what's going on.

We're making it hurt. That's all that matters.

The suppression ends without incident after that.

Manager, the lights are back on!

Let's take a look at what happened to Twee and-

What the..?

They've been decapitated.

And so precisely it left Twee's E.G.O. gifts and the shield our new agent had behind!

Holy… Good thing we beat it. Everyone, back to your-


It's moving again. Get ready to take it out, people.

No. No. Nuh-uh. Not happening. I've seen enough-we can go back now.

Retry Count: 7

Yeah, I just completely forgot that Zeta21 was holding Yang until it was too late. Don't do that. We could have survived, but with a handful of Agents down and Twee (who has the Good E.G.O gifts) being one of them, I didn't feel like keeping the day. This is an example of what days in this facility would probably look like if I didn't know what I was doing. Lobotomy Corporation does not pull punches.

But mostly, it serves as an object lesson in what happens if Yin and Yang breach. :eng101:

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Birds, but we actually find out what the new one does.

...Ah, well. That does it for this timeline, I guess.

I should probably move on to the next one.


Music: Town - VIP Lounge

Eh, a week or two of vacation first won't hurt. No rush.