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Part 72: Day 33 - Story

Day 33: Story

Music: triumph of the scratching demons

Music: Romantic Memories

"…. ….. …… …..."

But A, surely you already know. Did you put in all that work for just a simple vending machine that dispenses soda at the press of a button?

"…. ….. …… …..."

At the very least, you should give it a name. There is nothing I can do even if you put on an expression like that.

"…. ….. …… …..."

Don’t dump your job on someone else, you’re the designer. Go ahead and tell the machine its name. There, the door over there.

In summary: A created a super advanced robot but didn't want to name his creation. B insisted, however, so he headed off to do so.

As a side note, there's another removed line here, right at the very end:

Removed content posted:

It will be waiting for you. It seemed lonely.


Leave me alone. I need time to think.

It is my express duty to guide you, X. If there is anything you require-

I require that you leave me alone.

...of course, X.

Music: Alone

We might be even better partners than we thought!

Yeah, I think so too.

Fade to black, then:

Why do you worry about that? We’re a part of the Central Command Department, and we’re sitting on a mountain of work to do. We just need to focus on the task at hand.

We’re radically different from normal machines. I think about you, and you think about me. We both ponder about things, feel pain, and recognize our own existence. There must be some reason for it.

It fades to black again here.

In summary: Tiphereth and Tiphereth make an awesome team, but sometime later Tiphereth started doing the same things we saw Tiphereth do during the rest of their plot, questioning the meaning behind his existence.

And then… ugh, why am I remembering this again?

You look tired, Tiphereth. Seriously, you should take a break.

Yeah… I think I'll take a short walk through storage. Make sure those clerks get their reports done!

I will. See you soon.

Music: Forgotten Entrance of Memories

Though, a couple times you were too indecisive and passive. Next time you should…

Alright, now move along if you’ve spat out what you needed to.

C’mon, you know a similar incident happened before~ I’m the head of the Welfare Team after all, so I just felt I should point it out.

Yeah yeah, got it. How about you head on back to your department now and lap up that coffee you love so much?

…I’ll be sure to make it up to you. But if you press any further on this, those E.G.O you value so much may be pointed at your head.

Aye, aye. I’ll be on my way then~ Man, why’d I have to draw the short stick? The companions I have are either a hotheaded warmonger or some weird kids with unreadable minds.

Regardless of our progress with Hod's core suppression, she will always look human here. I guess the cognition filter is just active over the entire level? :iiam:

Oho, are you here to see Gebura? Careful what you say, you may just end up with a hole in your head. Take care~!

Oh get lost, Chesed. Hod, what brings you here?

So, um, it’s about the suggestions you made involving the Abnormality Breach Training. I feel it needs some adjusting.

Go on.

Does it seem alright?

But, then…


Um, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.

…Forget it. Since you’re the head of the Training Team, your opinion is final, right?

I am, well, as long as you’re willing to…

Do it.

Oh, thank you! See you later!


You forgot your report.

A-Ah, I could have lost it. Phew, I thought you were going to shoot me in the head like Chesed said. Thanks again!

Hod’s too soft. If I were the head of the Training Team, I’d never act like her.

In summary: Interoffice drama! :buddy: Gebura submitted a plan for a suppression training operation, but Chesed thinks it's too much and Hod thinks there will be too many casualties. Grudgingly, Gebura allows them to scale it back. Chesed implies that Gebura has been borrowing E.G.O to do some suppressing of her own, and Gebura implies that she'll stab him through the face if he doesn't shut his mouth.

I've heard you've handled plenty of WAWs before. Should be child's play.

Manager! Hey! Pay attention!

Wha? Oh… yeah. Right. We'll handle them. Needed to do a third Firebird anyways, I think.

Tch. There's no room for distractions here. Get your head back into it.

Yeah… right. Just haven't had time to process all of-

Don't care. See you on the battlefield, manager.

Manager, I've taken a look into that door as you requested. It doesn't look like we have any files on it.

Oh… uh… that's not great. We're probably going to deal with it sooner or later, since I have a feeling I know what Gebura's working up to… We need information.

I can check again, but I've looked everywhere.

Just to be safe, get on it. We need to know what will happen if all three birds go through that door. This can't be the first time it's occurred.

Yes sir. Will that be all?

There is one more thing. Can you forward me our agents' work records? Whenever you have the chance.

Of course. Is there anything you're looking for?

Not exactly. Just need to do something to get my mind off of my mind. Solving a stupid mystery sounds about right.

...As you like, manager.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: The game breaks in a way I hadn't seen before. :lobcorp:

Hey, Malkuth? Is it okay if I take a look in storage later?

Sure. Anything in particular that we need? I remember filling up on our office supplies earlier…

It's nothing like that. I just wanted to take a look around and see if there was anything in there that needed to be cleaned up. You know how old, half-finished work tends to pile up in there.

Oh, like the rehab flyers Hod kept giving Netzach?

Yes, that-wait, he was throwing them into storage? ...doesn't matter. Well, stuff like that. Either things we can do without, or that I can make work for us.

I don't have any problem with it. If it's in storage, it's pretty much open as long as you fill out the forms to requisition it. Just don't take any of the Sephirot replacement parts. We go through those pretty fast lately…

We do?

Between Tiphereth needing replacement and Gebura's maintenance, it adds up. Then there was Yesod's headplate…

Oh yeah, I heard about that.

Anyways, as long as you stay away from that you're clear. Just make sure you sign off for anything you think is worth looking at.

Sure thing, boss. Take care.

I will!