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Part 80: Day 36 - Story

Day 36: Story

Music: story 3 ending

I hope you enjoyed your trip. Did you know that a lot has been happening while you’ve been gone? Honestly, it wasn’t so hard to keep the company running while you were absent.

This is a unique choice-we have to go through all 3 before things will progress.

>What's happening outside?

The Wings are still flapping towards their sun, not realizing their feathers are of wax. Our other company branches still provide a steady supply of energy without any major incident so far. In the Backstreets, the likes of Sweepers and Fixers live out their lives tangled in vomit and waste, unraveling their sickening tales. Those who live in the Outskirts are still crying out to break into the city. Meanwhile, those within the city are throwing their lives away, just to be part of the Wings. Yes, the world hasn’t changed at all since you left. Peaceful as ever.

>How many cycles have we gone through so far?

It’s natural for you to be curious, but numbers are of little importance to us.

>Moving forward, what’s going to happen?

Things that no one else can.

This is where the questions end, and no matter what order they're viewed in things carry on.

The sands of the hourglass will begin flowing to the bottom soon; a countdown. As you have already experienced, there have been many countdowns in our world. Spurred for both destruction and new beginnings… It seems I tend to smile more frequently during these moments.

There are still things you haven't realized yet. Let me give you a little hint: “For what reason did you go through all the trouble of making this monstrous and horrifying prison…?”

In time, I hope you will be able to find the answer to that on your own. I cannot help you with it, otherwise, this place would lose its meaning as a prison.

I don’t think you need any sort of explanation regarding them. However, let’s make one thing clear. They truly have missed you while you were gone.

In summary: Angela tells us that the world is still a crapsack, that we've been through way more loops than we should mention, and that we're on a timer. She also lets us know that she can't tell us why we're doing all of this or else there'd be no meaning to it, and that we'll be meeting the Lower Sephirot-who apparently may already know we're A.

(Chesed previous story: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Music: When it Rains

It’s quiet, isn’t it? Take a good, long look at this silence. Manager, have you ever gotten up early to walk the streets at the crack of dawn? I think this moment right now is equivalent to that dawn in the outside world.

Meanwhile, the employees are steeling themselves for when fate decides whatever will happen to them. When the level of Deterrence is weakened, the powers of the suppressed origins will soon wake them. It’s always so hard to believe that a place as quiet as this will just as soon be engulfed by pandemonium. Oh, how nice it would be to keep this tranquility… How many times do we have to fail? How much more must we be accustomed to the darkness, to finally encounter the light?

Ah, yes~ Good morning, buddy~ Good luck with your duties as always~

:v: Mister Chesed, sir, I’ve been thinking, and I feel that I truly am lucky to be assigned to the Welfare Team. Just getting into Lobotomy Corporation was really competitive, but being assigned to this team, it’s like a miracle.

…..You know brown-nosing won’t gain you anything.

:v: Just think of it as flattery, sir. There really is no one who cares more about their employees like you do, Chesed, sir. I mean, just look at the department on the other side of our Layer.

….Nah, that’s not necessarily true.

:v: I just want to say I appreciate you and the many things you do, sir. Sorry for keeping you so long, I’ll be going now, Chesed, sir.

Aye, aye. Go get yourself ready for the day~


For many days, I consoled myself by saying that I wasn’t doing that bad for a Sephirah. I never put my employees on the verge of death like a certain red-clad miss someone did, and I managed to be flexible with various situations most of the time. Getting mad at someone for breaking a rule or two, or agreeing with someone who claimed to make this place better… When I take a step back and look at it all, I just can’t help but think…

Of course, I hoped to send them off in peace as they were just meant to die anyways. Meanwhile, I was hiding the biggest lie of all inside. Yet I’ve been playing the role of the good leader, knowing that it was all a falsehood. Lady Angela knew this too.

Well, I mean… I just wanted to avoid pushing her buttons. Working as the head of the Welfare Department, I actually never cared about the welfare of our employees at all. I was so afraid.

Then I eventually decided to cover my eyes and ears… And help Lady Angela with her affairs without questioning them…

*Alarm sound*

I don’t know what happened, but we need to retake control of the situation right now.

….I thought you didn’t want to speak with me. What’s gotten into you Gebura?

…..You’re able to control the Deterrence, aren’t you? We need to increase the level of Qliphoth Deterrence right now. Angela will call the Rabbits if the rest of the Abnormalities aren’t suppressed. I want to wrap things up on my side of the facility.

So you don’t want to do it. You little coward. Do you really think you can just get over every situation by going through the motions?

Choke on those sugar-coated words your employees feed you.


You knew I was coming, didn’t you? Seems you know me all too well. Perhaps you are the one who understands me most among our Sephirot.

What do you have up your sleeve this time, ma’am?

Do you want to ask for reasons again? After all this time?

…Gebura and the other employees are fighting right now. You know that, right?

Indeed, Gebura is—

You should know. You’ve seen her for yourself. Gebura has failed to control her enmity, and has now lost her way. What I’m saying is, she is not fighting for some grand ideology.

She should know best how she stands. Everyone has their own battle in this place… But I can’t seem to shake off this feeling that I’m the only one who just observes this situation from afar, not taking any action.

Taking in a cup of coffee, enjoying the peaceful day listening to your classical music. I would think that I am providing the right environment for you, no? It seems our conversation has run on longer than I expected. Let me tell you one last time.

Fade to black.

Music: Smokey Lounge Jazz Combo (through an old timey record player filter)

Open the door.

Who are you, ma’am?

Your taste in music is rather classy. Quite different from mine, however.

What the……….


How did you get inside? Do I know you? …

I’ve arrived from the Head. I was so desperately looking for you all. The reason why I came all the way here is… Well, let’s just say I have showed up to play my favorite music.

Music: Awake in Death

:v: D-Daniel… His name is Daniel…

Daniel is it? That name carries much more with it than you merit. I would assume that you are the one in charge of this place. Open that section where those monsters of yours are locked up. As you saw just a moment ago, it’s nothing for me to open a locked door with my own power.

I urge you not to resist. Just listen to me. If you do so, a few of these people might be able to escape with their lives, no?

However, one never really knows what it feels like to be the target of such a thing until they’ve been in the shoes of that situation. Back then, a chill had come over my entire body. It was a fear I had never felt before. I had faced numerous experiment-intended Abnormalities, yet I never had experienced my body being paralyzed and my blood curdling in such a way before. So this is the “Head”.

Don’t try and make me justify my cowardly acts. I’m ashamed for consoling myself, saying that there was nothing to be done after passing straight through the tunnel of defeat. I’m so struck with shame and grief, I can’t bear it anymore…

I don’t want to undertake dirty work for Angela’s show, or be a puppet who gets praise and applause from everyone. Nor do I want to be your “aide” who can’t do a single thing. All of this has been a series of shame for me.

“Saying there was ‘nothing I could do.’ That I was ‘too scared’ to bear it by myself. That ‘I wanted to save’ at least a few of my coworkers…”

“All those are meaningless excuses…”

“I think I’m going to die soon too…”

“The Head is on its way to get you…”


“I’ll see you again in hell… A, sir…”

How many people would stick to their beliefs and morals, if they were to come face to face with a true nightmare? The answers to those questions are why no one can blame Daniel’s behaviour.

Our last conversation came to an end with a hopeless silence. Daniel. He was intelligent and held a high social position, and showed more finesse than anyone else in our research lab. He had an excellent reputation from the people who surrounded him; he had his sly yet charming smile and humor. It would have been easy for him to get into any one of the Wings with his skills and personality.

Though amazing he once was, there is no doubt he died in despair and regret, cursing his choice. Seeing the dead bodies of his coworkers strewn about in front of him… Not even having the single comfort of knowing that it wasn’t his fault. Unable to find any peace for his final rest…

Music: Boss Warning

In summary: Chesed confesses that he's just going through the motions and trying to stay above it all, letting himself be Angela's puppet. Suddenly, there's an emergency and Abnormalities are loose. Gebura shows up and demands Chesed turn up the Deterrence, he declines, and she runs off to deal with the problem. Angela shows up and tells him to turn it down. He remembers his past self, Daniel, being told by a mysterious Head agent to open all the Abnormaltiy doors in the proto-corporation. He did so. Chesed winds up declaring he's done with everything and declares a rebellion against us and Angela, and A recalls his last conversation with Daniel.


Yes, A?

Was this all some stupid ploy to get at Bishop after sending him home?

Do not worry, A. I ensured that he was safely back in his dormitory before allowing any of this to occur. Only our night crew is at risk-no one you have had a hand in guiding.

Yesod's still going to give me an earful, you know! Who's on the night crew?

Clerks, mostly. No one who counts.

Why… did you…

Speaking of which, I believe it would be prudent to check on the status of Gebura.

Right. This isn't over.

Of course. The pertinent details begin a short time ago. I shall bring them up now.

(Gebura previous story: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Music: Town - Urban Knights

Those monsters were supposed to be slumbering away, but now they woke up all of a sudden. There’s no need to focus on what caused this. All that matters is that we solve the problem at hand. Let me add a few words before we jump into battle today.

You should not let complacency waver your mind when you confront the monsters. You must arm yourselves with anger and pure anger alone to crush those monstrous bastards. If you object to any of this, I suggest you transfer departments immediately. I won’t squeeze out a tear or mourn over you perishing without even your name being left behind.

Meeting over. We’ll talk more when the situation has been sorted out.

What's the present situation?

Bringing it up now, A.

This Tiphereth is actually confirmed in the script to be the boy Tiphereth, but I really don't think they planned this cutscene to be played while Tiphereth was also in meltdown mode.

Maybe we should suspend the suppression operation for now? Tiphereth is investigating the cause of this situation right now, so we should be able to figure it out pretty soon.

This is why. Tiphereth is either talking about himself in the 3rd person, or referring to a malfunctioning Tiphereth. Let's just let it slide, he's a glitchy boy and it doesn't matter. :ssh:

I don’t need a break… I can still fight.

But in your condition…


If she continues to battle in this condition, things will become untenable for her ability to perform her basic functions.

So, what, we just stop her? She's not going to listen to me, and I don't feel up for letting you do whatever the hell it is you want to do here.

There is an alternative option, Manager. The Sephirah of the department below her should be able to assist.

Below her? Who would that be?… Angela, what is she doing here?!

As you can see, I am the leader of the Extraction Team. It has been some time, manager.

It's as she says, A.

Well? Shall I fetch her?

...Not really a choice here, huh? Get to it. And get out of my sight.


Music: Stop

And your body needs five or six parts replaced and repaired… It’s not thrilling to look after a machine who behaves like a child in a temper tantrum. However, the Sephirot of the Middle Layer apparently could not keep you on a leash, so here I am.

Oh, poor little thing, look at yourself. There was a time when I had a pinch of admiration for that fire in your eyes… But now even that is smothered with ire and madness. It is such a shame that the both of us are locked up in this dungeon.

Music: Cryptic

I imagine we will no longer have to face off with our lives at stake and be at each other’s throats like the past, but… I will say this for you, pitiful thing. Stare directly into the object of your anger. The edge of a blade that has lost its way will be unfathomably blunt, for there will be nothing but the void to slash, no matter how much the blade is sharpened.

Sometimes I remember the faces of those who showed me true kindness. If I could just get the smallest taste of revenge upon those monsters who stole their smiles, their happiness, their future… My sword and spear would never stop their flurry. I see people dying in my blurred vision. They’re always torn apart by monsters.

Sometimes they’re strangers, sometimes ones I dearly miss, and sometimes… I see Christopher or Miss Isabel. Whoever they were, I’m filled with agony for them. Looking at my paralyzed leg and my severed arm, I scream and curse my weak body in a fit of rage. Then I black out. I’m so sick of this darkness…

...Please reconsider…

Why should I approve an operation that will so clearly end in failure?

If manpower is the issue, I can make up for it. If they’re too weak, I’ll make up for that too.


There’s nothing in the rules against a Sephirah utilizing E.G.O too.

If you so wish, then I won’t stop you.

This feeling is so distinct that it pulls me right back onto the right path, away from straying to wander, just like a road sign. I completely lose track of time when I wield my weapons. It was kinda funny to see Tiphereth and Chesed with bewildered faces when they witnessed me return from battle covered in blood. No matter how hard I stab and break those monsters, they will recover sooner or later. Some of them wail and others scream. In battle, I also fracture and break some of my components, but those are soon replaced and repaired.

What a perfect little hell, just for me.

Music: Awake in Death

Here it is. Think of it as a respectful gesture to a fellow warrior, to leave you with one of your arms intact.

I don’t know if it will ease your pain, but this happens quite often, more often than you may think. This is no less common than, say, a little seedling getting trampled to death. I must admit that you’re quite the tough sprout, however. You even managed to thwart my plans a little.

And finally come to face me and give me a fair fight. By the way, about those monsters. I cannot deny that they’re astonishing things. Even after plowing through a hallway of your friends, they never softened nor tired.

……It seems you aren’t much different from them, now that I ponder on it. Alright then.


If I can’t get rid of these damn monsters… I’ll destroy the whole company myself instead. Then finally my aimless wrath can crumble with it and rest beneath the earth forever…

She was called the “Red Mist” among the Backstreet’s denizens. That was a name she earned protecting us from all kinds of threats and maneuvers of the outside. Michelle’s betrayal led the Eye to the den we hid in, then the Head mercilessly threw their Claws at us. Instead of dealing with the Red Mist directly, the ever cunning Head unleashed the unstable Abnormalities to slaughter us. The Abnormalities were out of control, tearing apart our comrades who screamed in agony. All the while, the Claws sniffed out their prey and snatched it…

She lost an eye, one of her arms was severed, and she had numerous, deep scars all over her body she could no longer heal from. Yet she didn’t give up…

After a long time had passed, her eyes opened again. However, her anger that had lost its focus dragged her down, deep to the bottom. We had to reboot her many, many times.

Music: Boss Warning

In summary: :stare:

Ahem. Okay, so. Gebura is busy dealing with the results of Chesed's meltdown, taking the floor alongside her employees in order to suppress the awakened Abnormalities. She gets torn up, and Binah, a Sephirah from the Lower Layer, shows up to put a stop to it. Gebura stops, but in doing so decides to just destroy the entire company herself. Based on Gebura's reaction to her, Binah is most likely the shadowy figure from Chesed/Gebura's flashbacks who slaughtered everyone in the facility, and Gebura managed to slaughter her way through every single Abnormality in the proto-company, the two Claws, and presumably Binah herself, in order to save B and A. Unfortunately, she died in the process.

Gebura was kind of a terrifying badass.

There's also a deleted line here, from back at the start when she's giving her motivational speech.

Deleted content posted:

Don’t expect me to bat an eye even if you get torn apart right in front of my eyes; charging at the monsters standing in my way is my only concern.

...Is everything back under control?

Yes, A. Our deterrence has been turned back on as well.

And, let me guess, I can't fire you for that damn idiotic decision to turn it off?

That is correct.

Cool. So you basically broke two Sephirot for...

I cannot tell you that. It would cause the process to lose its meaning.

Right… right. That seed to escape the cycle involved dealing with Malkuth and them's breakdowns. And this is because there's a time limit?

That is also correct.

I'm not sure if I should thank you or punch you, then. Just… no more of this stuff. Got it?

I shall refrain from taking any further actions of this sort without consulting with you, manager.

Right. Okay. Time to get back to work.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A quiet day.

Uuugh, my head…

Did… did we binge all of Pretty Magical Cure Magica last night?

Yeah. It was super dark. I think it made me have this terrible dream where Bishop was dead.

Oh yeah… that… I don't think it was a dream.


Could you two keep it down? I'm trying to sleep.


Oh yeah. Hi guys. I didn't die yesterday.

I knew it! They never found a body!

You were right! You were-urp. I'll be right back. he okay?

We uh… got really drunk yesterday.

Ah. Well… Good to be not dead.

Good to have you be not dead.

So, I get my captain status back now, right?

Um… sorry, rules are rules. Paperwork says Bishop died yesterday, so Bishop can't be captain. I did get you a new ID, though!

:sigh: Nah, nah. That's fine. I'll take it. Good luck today, everyone.