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Part 82: Day 37 - Story

Day 37: Story

Music: Wake up

But I think you and A might have become separate entities now. From the moment you began to have new memories, you both started to walk different paths. I must wonder how the memories separated you from A. Well, even if you two have differences, it is still important for you to witness this place through A’s eyes.

What’s at the end of the line? What kind of world was it that he saw? The answers to these questions are what you must know. However, the choices you make are up to you, not him. As a consequence of those choices, you may lose it all. Or, you may gain everything. I’m not trying to control you. I just try to support you, that is my role here.

Now you are here, scrabbling over it all and climbing up. Of course, I have kept all their data in my head, but it is not my place to share it with you.

…That’s what you, or A, once said to me.

In summary: Angela notes that our new memories may have made us someone very different from A, but apparently it's important for us to know what A saw so that we know what to do.

Setting that aside, it's time to meet the lady who can apparently stop Gebura.

Music: Into The Deep

So, did you have fun with your little journey while I was locked up here? Don’t worry, I’m not mad with you.

This is a quote from a French poem called "Prière pour aimer la douleur" (Prayer to Love Sorrow/Prayer for Loving Sorrow, depending on translation) by Francis Jammes. Binah is not just a murderous Arbiter, she's also cultured.

It’s difficult to perceive the flow of time here. Therefore this eternity has saved me.

If you arrive downstream, after the raging rapids and a serpentine current… You will see a meadow that is enormously broad, but also tranquil. That land is bathed with all kinds of mud, sand, trash, and the residuals that have come from the upstream. What isn’t caught by the upstream or midstream finally ends up here, downstream… To bear all the residues that pile up, one would need a strong back that doesn’t break easily.

>What is a Well?

And it is the fount and relic of all humanity that has existed from the ancient times. The water from the Well had never flown outside, ever. There had only been the small ripples that permeated from the leaves that fall for the winds.


>What does it mean to draw water?

You never know what the Bucket contains when it rises from the eternal darkness, but I always draw the water with a pulley, come what may. You must always stay cautious so that you don’t fall into the Well.


Routes Merge Here

It was you who made the Bucket. But you left the duty of drawing water with the Bucket to another.

“Binah” isn’t the name of a person. It’s a sad name of the place where one finds many graves. I’m the one who draws the water.

In summary: We meet Binah, who quotes a poem about loving despair at us. She's clearly having a bad time but stopped caring about any of it a long time ago. She speaks mostly in metaphors and riddles, but refers to a Well that she draws from by a Bucket, which we apparently made. Since the Well is the relic of all humanity and the Bucket draws water from it, the water in this metaphor is… :iiam:

Anyways, Binah's definitely going to try and kill us because she's an AI and this is a video game.

This mission isn't hard, but we can't do it during Core Suppressions because the equipment has to be made during the day, so it can't be tracked while suppressing. This is a shame, because we WANT the research that comes from this. Oh yes.

Just extract E.G.O?

I did say it would be simple. As long as it's been, it would be a shame to see you run away so quickly.

Mm. Well, I can't say it's been a pleasure, but I'll see you again soon, I'm sure.

Whatever path your journey takes, I shall watch over it always.

...yeah that's not distressing at all. Angela!

Yes, manager?

The other department, I want it opened.

For anyone playing along: if attempting to 1-loop the game, it is of VITAL IMPORTANCE that the lower layer be opened in either a 3-2 or 2-3 overall combination. If we don't do this, we can permanently lock ourselves out of being able to complete the game without a full restart from day 1.

Ah… it's been some time.

Yeah, so I've heard. I don't think we've met?

Tradition states that we keep things that way a little longer, I'm afraid. The hands of time are already in motion, and I can do nothing to stop them.

Yeah… come to think of it, only Malkuth ever met me the day I opened her department.

Consider the upcoming workday an introduction, then. I have great expectations of you. Show me your management.

Sure. It's what I do best, after all.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Breaking our stuff to appease the creepy goth lady living in our basement.

Did you get word back?

Yeah. Apparently, the manager's meeting with both the new Sephirot before he'll handle any of the Suppressions.

Damned… I thought he had the good sense natural to a nest dweller, but it seems even he can make mistakes.

Yeah, clearly coming from a nest ain't all it's cracked up to be.

What are you-

Stow it, mosshead. I want my Sephirah back, and I don't have time to listen to you complain.

Sorry we're late! So, what'd they say?

Not today. Tomorrow, and the next two.

So it's three of them in a row again… We'll have to make sure the newbies are prepared.

Yeah-not that it matters much either way.

Disciplinary's ready for anything-or I pound them. We'll be fine.

And Welfare doesn't have any newbies!

And I told Morgan already… I was expecting it today.

We're as prepared as we can be, then. Go team Middle.

Heck yeah! Go us!

Yeah. We'll fix our bosses, no matter what it takes.

And hopefully it'll take punching them in the face!

Oh c'mon. You've all wanted to.