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Part 90: Day 40 - Gameplay Again

Day 40: Gameplay Again

Music: neutral 3

The day hasn't changed… Back to sleep I guess.

Hey, we don't know that for sure.

What are you guys talking about?

Nothing important. We're handling Gebura, and before I went with my idea I wanted to hear if you had any suggestions.

Me? Since when do you listen to agents?

When indeed..?

Eh, I just figured you knew her better than me.

Mostly I just want to beat some sense into her. I owe her for before.

Huh… Well, why not? Can't be a worse idea than mine.

Which idea was that?

Freeing all the Abnormalities and letting them handle her.

Oh… oh no, that's a terrible idea. Letting me handle it's much better.

What about the others?

What about them? They'll just slow me down.

Fine, we'll try it your way. Take everyone off of active duty.

But manager, how are we going to staff the-

:v: Perhaps we can help, sir!

Huh, right on time. Okay, you're in.

:v: For Miss Tenebrais!!

This time we move Tenebrais down to Extraction, for the +3% attack and defense. Every little bit helps!

We also put her back in her murderin' suit. :getin:


Rules: Suppress The Red Mist. Tenebrais is the only Agent on duty today.

Music: Second Trumpet

Say hello to the mouse cursor, everyone. This particular challenge is one I'm not doing twice, so my footage has the mouse cursor in it. If it shows up in a shot, just pretend it's not there. :tipshat:

Are you prepared to face me, manager?

I won't be. Er, not directly. I'm leaving the flow of combat to someone else today.

Oh? Who?

Hey boss. Let's fight.

Ah… you're here to face me, are you?

Damn right. And you'd best look out, because I don't miss.

So you think you can stop me? Hah… Alright. Time to kick some ass.

All Phases posted:

I’ll destroy a shoddy place like this with my own hands.

What’s left for me, the one who failed to protect them?

Do you really think feeble cowards like you can stop me?

Let me show you how to actually wield E.G.O.

Phase 1 posted:

I’m back; the Red Mist has walked out from a sea of pain.

I’m no longer weak like I used to be; I can replace any body part even if it gets cut off, and I can be repaired even if I’m broken.

So, Phase 1. At this point Gebura is basically warming up, and is introducing us to the mechanics that will last the entire day. While Tiphereth was a test of endurance over a long period and being able to react to (if not necessarily defeat) a Midnight and Chesed was a test of dealing with and managing high damage numbers, Gebura is a very straightforward test: one of how good we are at suppressing threats. Every phase of Gebura has 3000 HP, meaning we have 12,000 HP to slice through and only Tenebrais to do it with. Speaking of her, that Blessing was pretty nice. Let's see if we can get it again.


Thou'st forgotten, but I have not. My blessing hast been given, and ne'er shall it be required hence. The specifics of 'when' matter not to me.


So -45 here has a second quirk: anyone whose name is on the clock cannot work with him ever again, even if we retry. He remembers.

Actually, come to think of it, does he look a little different?

Manager! Fighting! Head in the game!

Ah, right-I'm sure it's nothing.

Anyways, we start by murdering every other Agent in the building.

This frees Mountain of Smiling Bodies, of course.

I was looking for a warmup. You'll do.

Because it stops to chomp on the Clerks in this department, Tenebrais is able to shut it down without issues-her damage output is nothing to sneeze at.

I was promised a fight. Did you run?

Hold on! I've got a bird on the loose and I'm not letting that get in the way of things!

Big Bird also needs to be suppressed.

We can easily run Tenebrais up to Disciplinary and back whenever it waves its lamp, so it's no trouble at all.

Of course, since our Clerks are running around and shooting themselves at random both of the Abnormalities just breach again, and I have to wait for Tenebrais to get blessed as Parasite Tree activates. :what:

The Mountain manages to grab enough bodies to hit stage 2 as well, and gain its scream attack.

Ah, finally, you're ready to fight!

What? Where are you? I can't see anything.

...I'm standing right here.

Agh, these damn lights. Hold on, I'll take care of that Bird again and we'll get right back to it.

The Bird is loose?

And that Mountain.

We'll both warm up, then.

One of Gebura's very useful tells is that she says something each time she's going to attack. We'll cover all of it in a bonus update, but knowing which line precedes which attack lets us know what to prepare for. She deals a bit of damage to Mountain as it runs past, though it screams at her in return for some chip damage too.

Let it get by you, huh boss?

I will not leave this room unless you force me to. I don't think you have it in you.

Ooh, big talk from a toaster!

Tenebrais does a fair bit more damage…

Cutting it back to stage 1 before it runs off in search of more bodies.

By the time we catch up with it, it's already back up to stage 3, and since a single stage 3 vomit attack does around a third of Tenebrais's health I opt to back off.

All warmed up?

Yeah. Can't wait to show you my plan.

A plan? I didn't expect one from you, Tenebrais.

Yeah, well, I didn't have everyone evac for no reason.

Evacuation? It must be nice to have the luxury. I had to watch everyone I cared about slip through my fingers as I couldn't protect one of them.

Huh. Sounds like a typical day in the Backstreets.

Not for a Color. Now, how are you going to stand before my overwhelming strength.

Easy, I'll borrow a trick from a coworker.

When you attack me… I just need to not be there.

...this is a terrible plan.

Gebura's main problem is that her moves are telegraphed and just about any Agent can get away before she swings. This allows us to deal a lot of damage without taking much in return-and this fight is basically just using the clunky micro controls of Lobotomy Corporation to kite like this was League of Legends or Starcraft or something. Because the controls are clunky, this takes a lot of pausing.

With Tenebrais's damage output, it doesn't take too long to knock Gebura to her first Road of Gold. This has a windup too, so we're able to get out of the way easily.

Working so far!

We're not even close to done.

When tracking Gebura as she dashes through the facility, all we need to do is check in main rooms until we see one without an exit portal-that's her destination. We start sending Tenebrais over towards it.

Here, too… No one survives in this place. You couldn't protect any of them. Why are you still fighting?

For the people who are still around!

:v: Miss Tenebrais!

Where is she?

:v: She's up ahead! I believe in you! We all do!

Awesome. I'll make sure to take care of things.

:v: I… I've managed to be of some use to the great Miss Tenebrais! My life is complete… Now, to add my soul to the collective of Clerkdom which empowers her grand strength!

...sorry what was that?

Iunno, clerks are friggin' weird.

Since Gebura isn't yet at the point where she can really injure us, I get a bit sloppy during part 2 of phase 1, letting Tenebrais go back and forth with Gebura in a straight fight.

This one foreground object and its ability to murder cool shots is becoming my least favorite Abnormality in the entire facility, but the healthbars and numbers tell the story here just fine. Every time Tenebrais uses the Twilight sword's special attack, a whole chunk of Gebura's HP bar just vanishes.

It doesn't matter. Eventually you'll find a greater power, and people will die regardless.

That's when you find someone you can rely on! Disciplinary is a department! An entire crew of agents dedicated to kicking ass!

Then where are they?


Your blade isn't as weak as I thought, but your words fall short. You're still just another agent, letting the E.G.O move for you.

Disappear from my sight.

Okay, that didn't work. I can beat the crap out of her body, but I can't do anything about her stupid head.

Hm. Just keep her talking for now. I had assumed all she had was rage, but it seems like there's a healthy load of regret there too.

Right. Let me know if you get any ideas.

She moves to Central 3. Big Bird is one floor above her in Central 2, but it can't cause any problems for Central 3 unless it moves there. Upper and lower Central are basically considered to be two different departments.

You sense it, right?

Feel it, too. Right above us.

And yet, here we are.

Because there's no one left to protect in their path, I can deal with them later.

They're all dead because you're a failure. All that's left is the rage. The fight. The Bird is unimportant. You just want to destroy. Like me.

You take that back!

I live for the fight-moments like this are when I feel alive! I always have! But the difference between now and the Backstreets is night and day!

That's because of the E.G.O. Nothing else.

Hardly. I fight better because I have people to stand behind me now!

I had that once. Now all that's left is hatred. Hatred and memories and pain, that never leaves no matter what.

Music: Distorted Night

Phase 2 posted:

Some things simply couldn’t be forgotten, no matter how much time has passed.

Hatred is a poison that eviscerates me, and yet it makes me open my eyes once more.

I am your future, kid.

You're also aiming the wrong way.

That's called mercy. Don't try and stop me again, I'm through playing.

In this form Gebura's attacks deal significantly more damage, and one of them (Da Capo) comes out instantly-we can only dodge hits 2 and 3 of that combo no matter how good our reflexes are.

Got eyes on her. Training.

Right. Did you figure anything out?

...Maybe? Not really though, I need time to think.

Right, well…

I'll give you a minute. I've just had a new problem show up.

So long as we dodge out of the way of the vomit attack (not too hard since it has such a long startup time), it's difficult for Mountain to deal any considerable damage to Tenebrais.

She cuts it back down to size before it runs away. I could possibly stop it with Slow bullets, but I want to conserve ammo for later.

When it gets back up to size 3 in the span of running through Central, I call the attack off again and decide to get back to fighting Gebura.

Hey, Tenebrais-Big Bird's wandering around Training too. Be care-

Already got it.

Huh. Good job.

It's a Bird. They're like a favorite food, but for slicing.

...I see.

You came back.

And I'll keep coming back. You have to be stopped.

I can't be stopped by your blade. Mine is much sharper.

Fights aren't just about strength!

Kiting back and forth is much more important now than before since her damage has increased so much-it keeps things from moving as fast as we have to stop attacks midway through to retreat. Tenebrais's suit will deal passive damage over time, but that's slow… so after a bit I try something else.

They're about speed, too! And tactics!

I run past her until she starts an attack, then have Tenebrais attack her from behind! This proves to work out a bit better.

It all falls in the face of overwhelming strength. Like that of the Head. Or this company. Or the Abnnormalities…

Or me. Soon, you won't be able to forget watching everything crumble even if you want to. If you even survive.

This spear is in a bad spot, it'll definitely hit even if we try to run past-so I opt to let Tenebrais finish her attack and then withdraw.

Leaving so soon?

Recouping. Back in a bit, boss.

I send Tenebrais to a main room whenever she needs to heal since it's twice as fast as the corridors. She needs to heal frequently, since the options here are either 'take forever' or 'take damage' and I am impatient.

So. Had time to think?

I think so. It's not that she's got to burn out her rage, it's that she's holding on to it… she knows it's bad, but she can't get away from it.

Ah, I thought it may be something like that. Good thing you didn't do anything stupid like try and throw Abnormalities at her 'til she gets tired.

Hahaha… yes. Good thing I didn't do anything stupid like that.

Alright. I'll go in and hit her a bunch, and you focus on stabbing her in the heart while I do that.

Wait, but I don't-

With words, boss. Let's do this.

Back for round two!

Why do you keep protecting this company? It's the source of everything-the place Abnormalities come from!

Er, not really?


They originated back in that lab in the Outskirts, didn't they? And… even if you bring this place down, it's not like they'll die. You'd just bury them for a while. I think your rage is blinding you to good sense.

That rage is all I have.

Then how about some facts to go with it? Yesod's probably got data to show that the Abnormalities won't die even if you dropped the whole company on them.

...Then I will go there. Legato.

Hey wait-!

Bad luck makes Tenebrais take a scythe to the face for a little under half her SP bar, but we get her out of the way before Gebura can follow up with Mimicry.

She winds up near the door, which is perfect for us-we can have Tenebrais dip in, attack, and dip out when a counterattack comes without worrying about range. Out of her normal attacks, only Gebura's spear can hit someone on the other side of a door transition.

I'm here. Read everything about durability tests.

Oh yeah, I was in a lot of those.


They're… indestructible. Completely. I can crush them forever and they wouldn't die.

Right. So burning this company to the ground wouldn't fix anything. You'd be making their release into the world inevitable-and killing a bunch of good people to do it.

Sounds like a losing plan to me.

This isn't about plans. This is about hurting them! Like they-

Hurt you?

Don't you talk like you know anything!

We still take chip damage from Da Capo's opener, though, so we have to heal.

I'm not sure if this is working.

At the very least, it's making her sword hand shaky-I can take advantage of that.

I'm really not sure how the hell you're dealing with all this so well.

I've wanted to test my strength against her for a while now. If I just focus on that, then I can stay sharp.

Huh. Well, if it works. Back into it.

Before sending Tenebrais back in, I check on the position of Mountain of Smiling Bodies.

Somehow, its AI broke and now it's stuck on a random clerk body in the middle of a Training hallway. It's not moving. :lobcorp:

Ah, back again?

Sure am. We're not done 'til you stop all this.

Indestructible or not, the ones responsible for harnessing them like this should be struck from this world.

You're mad because you lost people, but that doesn't mean everything has to be destroyed.

If I couldn't protect them, then no one can. It's best to wipe the slate clean.

Woah, narcissist much? I may not have your raw strength…

But I can still hit like a truck!


They're good-you know that. Your problem back then was that you tried to do everything by yourself.

You don't know anything at all!

This time she moves to Records. This is ideal-her final attack in this phase means we want to be able to quickly escape either up or down from her current position, and the elevator will let us do that. She also charged and reached the department before the scythe arrived, which I had never seen happen before. Good to know!

Anyways, we're just whittling her down like before here-lots of running back to Welfare and then in to fight and so on. Once we've established a basic pattern that works it's all about execution.

Hey boss, I'm afraid I've been thinking.

A dangerous pastime.

I know. Anyways, I thought about how I'd feel if I fought my hardest and Credentia and the others died because of the Abnormalities. I don't think I'd want to do anything but destroy either. Not for a while. Telling her she did her best… well, it'd just piss me off, at least.

Then what do we do?

Maybe what we're looking for is a level of strength that goes beyond the rage?

Ugh, this is impossible. Just take her down, I'll see what happens when she busts out Smile and Justita.

When she what?

Oh, uh… My… manager tools showed me she has more E.G.O. Stay alert.

...yeah, okay.

The problem comes in once Red Mist gets down to a sliver of health. She doesn't want to come close to the elevator door, so I opt to have Tenebrais enter and exit the room without engaging, slowly grinding Gebura down via the passive damage ability of the Twilight suit. It's slow, but I want nothing to do with that final attack.

What's the matter? Why won't you approach?

Because I'm playing a strategy.

You're just like her. Stacking the deck in your favor, instead of coming in with a fair fight. Killing everyone by taking advantage of those damned Abnormalities…

Lot to accuse someone of for just not wanting to get into sword range.

Oh, you're in sword range.

Anything is sword range, if you try hard enough.

Phase 3 posted:

Some things just wouldn’t cool down, no matter how long they were left in the cold.

Those monsters always kill people, there is no end to this sin; I have descended to bring about their reckoning.

Before we get into the meat of the phase, we have to deal with Phase 2's death throes attack.

Or death throws, as it were. This attack is the leading cause of death in Phase 2, so much so that I've seen players recommend calling Rabbits on her just to avoid the attack. Tenebrais is out of the path, though, so it doesn't matter too much.

Gebura's Phase 3 is when her attacks start hitting a wide range, rather than just in front of her. This makes our life a little more difficult, as she'll do things like this:

You're facing the wrong way!

Am I?

Or am I luring you in to a false sense of security?


Fall back!

The Smile weapon has a hurtbox that extends a good distance behind her, leaving us vulnerable to it whenever we attack with Twilight now. As for how much damage it deals…

It's a lot! We have to play safer than before, and can only really attack when she's using Justita.

Yeesh, she's not playing fair anymore.

I'm sure it'll get worse before it gets better. I did think of one thing, though.

About how to fix her?

Yeah. Every one of the others has had something that they needed to overcome and grow, a hangup they had to get past. Gebura's is...

Her unending hatred of Abnormalities?

Pretty much. Because of it, she's lost sight of everything but hurting them. Then there's you, who's… frankly kind of battle-crazy. No offense.

Eh. I know what I bring to the table.

But while you like fighting the Abnormalities, you do better when there's someone who needs your help. You think she needs to get back to protecting people?

...Hell, maybe.

Alright, good enough to try it. You slice her, and I'll stab her. With words.

You've returned. Haven't learned your lesson?

Even if I take a hit, run, and come back a thousand times, I can heal and you can't. This fight's already won.

But that's not important. What matters is you. Gebura… you need to stop.

No I don't.

No, you do. Because you're running.

I'm not running!

You are. By losing yourself to this rage, you can run away from the really hard thing: moving on. I… finally get it. Gebura. You're stuck focusing on what you've lost. You can't look at what you've kept.

I kept nothing! I lost everything that day, because of the damn Abnormalities!


On it!

With the Red bullet, this attack winds up dealing 0 damage to Tenebrais. Road of Gold is kind of a breather, compared to Pale damage or Smile's tendency to just melt agents.

If you lost everything that day, then tell me: Why are we talking? I was there! I should be dead!

Shut up! I'll kill you, wherever you are!

Hah! She's not even looking at her opponent anymore. Nice one, boss.

Gebura winds up hugging the door by the time we catch up with her. It's even better for dealing with her than it was in Phase 2, since her ranged attacks can't go through door transitions-we can attack and retreat much more safely now. Just have to check on the Mountain…

Yeah, we're good.

The entire facility to play with, and this small area right here is where the entire fight happens.

You clearly haven't lost everything. Losing people, that does hurt. Nobody can deny that, but your sword isn't for crushing the weak!

There's no other choice!

There is! Find something else to protect!

I can't… I can't anymore. All I have is this rage. When I fight, it consumes me.

Then leave it to the ones who are around! You're the Red freaking Mist! You think you can't show us how to kick ass?

I'm not falling for flattery!

She's embarrassed?

She's totally embarrassed.

Thought so. Must be weird to get complimented when you feel like a failure.

The bullet this time was useless, she left that room before Gebura got there.

Not… embarrassed…

Well, you do kick ass. I've seen you fight an entire facility full of Abnormalities and pretty much objectively win. Twice.

So what, you want me to take on an advisory role?

Protect the ones who pay attention by giving them the means to protect themselves, yeah. You'd be fighting less, but… I feel like you're better suited to passing on knowledge now. Let the others carry your will.

It's about now that I try poking Mountain to see if its AI will unbreak.

It unbreaks, and ends poorly for Tenebrais.

More corpse vomit. Greeat. :what:

Luckily for us, in the meanwhile Gebura moves back to a doorway! This means about half of this room's fight looks much like it did in Welfare, with us dipping in and out.

Tenebrais. At this point you've proven yourself a worthy opponent.

Don't go getting all soft on me now.

Oh, no, I'm not going soft. I'm just going to let you know that if you push me much further, I'll give it my all. This body has limiters. I'll remove them.

Threaten me with a good time, why don't you?

It takes a lot more dodging and weaving, but eventually…

Hey, manager. I think... it's too late for me to leave the path I'm on.

That can't be true. There's got to be some way out, or else what would be the point?

Then I'll come at you with all I have. Stop me, if you can.

...Ready, Tenebrais?

Born ready!

Music: Insignia Decay

Good. RUN.

I didn't get a good shot of it again, but you can see Gebura slamming Smile into the ground in the photo. It sort of grinds away and deals damage when she transitions into her final form.

Phase 4 posted:

The right path is too far away, and I have too far to go. My heart is pulsing with anger, and I must keep pushing.

Phase 4 is likely to just obliterate new players their first time seeing it, because it does only two things and both of them will ruin our day. The first is the portal-slash combo we saw all day yesterday. This is the attack we'd prefer seeing since it's less dangerous for us-by this point in the fight we should be good at getting away from the portals.

The second attack is more problematic. It slaps a marker over an Agent's head. I couldn't get a good shot of it, so I grabbed it from the wiki:

She beelines towards whoever has this marker at a total of 200 speed (a little more than twice as fast as Tenebrais), and when she reaches them they're probably going to die. I have Tenebrais run for Welfare so that I can take advantage of something very specific down there.

Shelter from the 27th of March posted:

"If a subject enters Shelter from the 27th of March while being pursued by a hostile entity, the subject will become undetectable to the pursuer."

The plan is simple: if she gets marked, I'll wait for Gebura to get close, hide her, and then get out to finish her off.

She starts with the portal. Were I thinking I'd have had Tenebrais back off to lower Information, since the final portal puts her in Central 1 right next to the elevator and I could deal some serious damage. Instead I keep running-I didn't think of it at the time.

Did you free that thing just to finish me off?

Honestly, we've been trying to suppress it all day between dealing with you. It's just really resilient, and there's a lot of dead bodies...

A veritable mountain, I'm sure.

...should you be making jokes right now?

Has it ever stopped you?

...ah. Fair point.

Luckily for us, she does it again-it seems to be completely random what attack she picks, so this is great for us. Better: she's ending in Training.

I'm going to give this path my all to the end. You'd better do the same, Tenebrais!

I always do! And when I kick your butt, you're teaching me how to make portals!

Don't get ahead of yourself. I'm the only one who can use E.G.O like this-that's why I'm the Red Mist.

Fine. Then let me show you my best trick.

Oh? What's that?

Remembering that I don't have to do everything myself!

Cheeky little-

I don't like using Rabbits on Phase 2 because I prefer burning them in this phase. She has 1.5x weaknesses to everything, meaning they can graze through a lot of her HP.

Hey, manager. Heard you needed some help.

Hey, I didn't authorize this!

I did. Had BICEPS call ahead and arrange everything with a contact of his.

He mentioned since everyone else was off-duty, Tenebrais was second in command during the suppression. Since you or your direct replacement are both able to make the call…

That was supposed to mean Angela, I assume.

Well, that AI's not here right now-so let's graze, boys!

The Rabbits chew through her health, and with their barriers blocking the doors, nothing can escape from Training right now.

Hey… Myo. You called the Red Mist your hero, didn't you?

...yeah. What about it?

Would your hero... fall to this?

Heh. If this was the old Red Mist, she'd cleave through everything and force her way out. She was a survivor.

Ah, yes… that's right. I was. I am. And that means…

I am strong!

Since she's running, that means Gebura's started up her hunt for Tenebrais. The Rabbit's zone lockdown doesn't actually work on her for reasons that I'm not entirely sure about-either she runs too fast and skips the trigger or she's just not coded to teleport to another point in the department, one of the two.

Huh. Guess she's still got some fire to her after all. Well, Training department's clear so we're out. Later!

What?! You didn't finish the job!

Should have read the contract, manager. Let's go people, report back for memory erasure!

Something to be careful of with the Rabbit team: if their target can teleport out of the area, they'll just leave without finishing it off. No biggie, since Gebura's at a sliver I just have to put Tenebrais in the Shelter for about ten seconds and leave to finish the job.

Uh-oh. It turns out that there's a previously undocumented effect of Gebura's hunter mark: whoever has it can't go into the shelter. My plan has officially gone south, and it's time to improvise.

This means taking advantage of our Slow bullets. These halve her speed from 200 to 100, and since the 20 second timer works the same either way this halves her effective murder range. I then have Tenebrais move down and prepare to run away through Central 4.

Turns out I don't have to, as Gebura's AI kind of… breaks.

She starts running in the opposite direction of what she just was and slows down to a crawl, moving at her normal speed without the 4x speed boost that she normally gets when a target is marked. I have no idea why this happened. :lobcorp:

Uh… Gebura?

Breaking past an R Corp barrier threw something off… my legs aren't working how I want them to.

Did you just hear 'attack me?' I just heard attack me.

...I don't trust it. Stay alert.

Not entirely sure what's going on, I have Tenebrais tail her as she slowly moves her way up to Training. She walks into the elevator, stands for one frame, and then…



She turns around and starts dashing right towards Tenebrais at full speed, clearing half the corridor before I could react and hit pause. At this point, we're in serious trouble-I've heard that it's possible to dodge her big attack by being in the same room as her and then leaving as she enters, but I've never been able to get the timing right.

So we Slow bullet her and scramble.

Tenebrais! Get to Control, now!

On it!

This won't stop me…

Slow bullets only last ten seconds, so I reapply early to make sure she can't rush after us suddenly. We don't have a lot of wiggle room here. :ohdear:

Manager do you have a plan she is right on my tail!

...sort of! We're going to be riding a fine line here, hope you're ready.

My plan here is one born of pure desperation. Let me explain:

This part of Control is special. The Agent enters a between-room transition whenever they go between any two of them, and it's possible to quickly alternate between them all in order to avoid ever reaching an actual room. Agents cannot take damage while they're in a between-room state, meaning that Gebura won't be able to harm Tenebrais as long as I can keep juggling her between all three rooms. This would be doable on the other side of Control as well, but I focused on this one even though it was further away because…

Well, because I was in a blind "OH SHIT" moment and my thinking wasn't 100% clear.

This is a stupid plan, manager!

It's all we've got!

As Gebura approaches I put the plan to work. In this picture I've circled the mark, it actually moves with the Agent so it's possible to track when we need to trigger the next move command to keep them hidden. I prepare to put the plan into action…

And then she says this right in front of the door. This is one of her breakdown quotes, signaling she's open for attack. With her HP that low and Tenebrais right there, we're home free. Phew. :sweatdrop:

You went easy on me just now.

Leg hydraulics... just gave out... from the running I had to do. Bad luck... That's all.

You know I don't believe you for a second.

Don't you have a job to do, Captain Tenebrais?


I sure do.

Ah… I'm breaking… I won't drop my sword, even if I turn to dust…

Overall, Gebura is a good test of a manager's suppression skills-and while she's a difficult opponent she's a very fair one as long as nothing in her scripting breaks. I don't think I'll be soloing her again anytime soon, though. :sweatdrop:

Angela, how're we doing?

This time, the reaction was a complete success. Gebura should be ready to go before long.

And the seed?

There are no issues.

Good. I'm going to take the rest of the day off-I'm exhausted.

And the next Abnormality, manager?

...ahhh, dammit. I have to, don't I? Fine. Then I go to sleep.

Music: never frozen bottom flows

O-01-64: "...Sadness says: ‘Begone, pass away!’ But greed seeks eternity—seeks deep, deep eternity."
O-01-04: In the name of Love and Justice~ Here comes Magical Girl!
O-03-89: If a flaw in the system disables the censors covering the Abnormality, we will once again have to sincerely consider how to dispose of the manager.

We've seen all three of these before, so I'll spare you the explanation beyond this:

Knight of Despair is lonely. We should bring her friends to the party. :buddy:

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: A DOOM reference.


VIDEO: Gebura Core Suppression