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Part 93: Day 42 - Story

Day 42: Story

Music: Wake Up

I should suppose that you have become a bit more familiar with them. Let me ask you this question again: What do you think Abnormalities are?

Abnormalities are not the evil monsters that you read about in old fairy tales. They are not some supernatural gods that descended upon us to judge our sins, either. There is an old River that has been flowing at the very bottom of the world for many an age. It is the source of everything, but has been forgotten by mankind.

The screen flickers like a film here like it has before. Hi Birds! :wave:

For instance, strange beings would sometimes crawl out of such a gap somewhere in the ‘Black Forest’, located in the Outskirts. Obviously, the amount was simply too insufficient for Lobotomy Corporation’s energy needs. Our Singularity is not that we produce energy from the Abnormalities. Rather, it is the ability to create Abnormalities themselves.

However, Abnormalities are part of the Seed. That’s what I meant by “possibility”. The Seed is not something that can be made in just a day, or be created on its own. We realized that if we wanted to fix a broken system, we couldn’t just sit around in a sunny spot, waiting for the clouds to part.

We can’t control the entire process, we have to leave them to sprout on their own. Aren’t we allowed that much hope at least?

In summary: Lobotomy Corporation's Singularity is the ability to create Abnormalities. Some can occur naturally in places where they crawl out of a gap, and it's implied the Birds are three of them (and by extension that the Black Forest is a real place). They're also important to the Seed that we're trying to create.

Did Binah tell you that metaphors about water and stuff get on my nerves?

I have no idea what you're talking about, A. This is all your script.

Unless it isn't.



Music: Sea Wind

It is an idea you might think of as true. However, it is in truth you who is unknowing. Pain, agony, regret, and the shadows of the past that would never release their grip on you… They’ve spent quite a number of days with you, but it is nothing compared to our time together. In the end, they never got to know you to the fullest.

Such as that one man, he who gradually broke himself whenever he was ordered to “redact information.” The unnecessary leakage of emotion is unfavorable. There is something I need to show you, so you can understand.

She eagerly wanted to study, but her family’s financial state wouldn’t allow her. Still, she tried to join one of the Wings. However, she just wasn’t good enough for them. Poor Anya was struggling to figure out what to do next, she even considered ending it all as a last resort. That was until she received a letter from a Wing.

“You are qualified to join Lobotomy Corporation.” Awestruck, Anya read through the letter over and over again.

For a brief moment, Anya wondered if she even applied to work at Lobotomy Corporation at all. But she soon shook that thought off. That was not important in the slightest. I took the role of the courier. I was the one who delivered the letters to people. I evaluate candidates to determine if they may join here or not, and bring a miracle to those who are qualified. Anya was not selected because she had “excellent skill”.

As you know, to become a feather, a part of the Wing, one has to be immensely better than ordinary people. How could Anya, who dropped out of high school, had no special talents, and lived in the Backstreets, manage to get into our company? Would her family finally be able to pursue happiness? All of this happened ten years ago. During those ten years, her sister fell ill and passed away, along with her parents.

She is asleep down here. It is wholly under my jurisdiction to handle this, but I’ll grant you access just this once.

Music: Okay real talk, the rest of this scene has 2 music tracks that aren't in the OST. There's a lot of other stuff going on as well, so I'm just going to link a video instead.
Video: Call her up, please.

You could, perhaps, choose to pay a small cost to augment her virtues such as Fortitude or Prudence, if you wish.

When we click the button, we hear a scream-check 0:31 in the video to hear it. This is my favorite added touch in the entire game. :allears:

Music: See previous statement.

The Anya who was killed by a monster, and that Anya whom you just erased are one and the same. They both evanescently lost their lives. It is such a futile action, to wake them and erase them to slumber, again and again. Both your attachment to the employees, and the Sephirot’s care and devotion poured into them, become meaningless here.

They await the next morning with their eyes shut tight every night. Those of the layers above did not know that. They spent themselves emotionally for the deaths with which they were presented. Bearing obscure resentment in their hearts, they put all the blame on those like you, then they crumbled, just like that…

I have always wanted to be an important part of your life.

In summary: Hokma makes us wake up and then kill someone to prove a point. All the Agents and Clerks in Lobotomy Corporation's main branch are in a perpetual state of sleep, called forth to work, and then deleted when inconvenient to be called later. Also, every employee has a certain something in common-and at the very least this one has been stuck here for ten years dying and reanimating as Hokma chooses. Since death doesn't actually matter, so there's no reason to feel bad about it! :eng101:

He also comments on the upper Sephirot and reassures us that he'll never blame us or go crumble.

There's also a removed line right after Hokma tells us Anya is asleep down here.

Cut content posted:

This means she can be woken up.

Nothing major, to be honest. if I told you-

They would be removed immediately. No one should dare lay a hand on you, A.

Even if I deserved it?

Such a thing couldn't happen.

...I see. Then, the only reason we can't bring back anyone who dies is-

I told you before-I could bring back the agents you miss. However, the gears of this place are immutable. An empty spot shall be filled, and that is that.

...That will be all, Hokma.

Records for the second time in a row? Unusual choice, Manager.

There's something I need to get to the bottom of ASAP.

Of course. Will that be all?

...No. Send Malkuth a message. I need her to make a delivery.

I shall loop her into the call immediately.

Manager! I heard you needed me to deliver something?

Sure do. Can I count on you?

Of course! I'll deliver it perfectly!

Great. I'll have the memo ready in ten. Just keep who it's from a secret, okay?

Of course, sir! You can count on me!

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: CENSORED

Oh, Credentia! It's been a while.

Yeah. Don't suppose you have a game running anymore?

Oh, that one we played before? Hah, nobody's really interested. Evil Kit said he was, but…

He just sort of ruined everything.

Looking back on it I think it was probably more funny than annoying? But you shouldn't make a character who uses a rubber chicken as a weapon.

Oh my gosh-I can't even imagine using a chicken as a weapon.

Actually, now that I think about it... that might be a pretty good E.G.O. Hit them, the sound does White damage?

...Huh. Yeah, that would make sense.

Anyways, something up?

Oh… nothing really, Tenebrais has just been busy with her whole captain thing so I've just been kind of… Say, you want to run another game sometime? I bet I can drag Sorcrane into it.

Do I?! I've been planning ever since I thought about trying to make a golem out of the shattered bits of monument after that Violet Midnight. It gave me the weirdest idea for a campaign.

Then it's a date. I'll see if anyone else wants in.

And I'll make sure we have the supplies! See you then!

You too!