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Part 96: Day 43 - Gameplay

Day 43: Gameplay

Music: neutral 2

With this, all of the research of the Lower Sephirot has been completed.

For now, anyways.

I respect your drive to continue onward, A. However, Binah and myself are not like those Sephirot from above. Carefully instilled instabilities, emotional outbursts that lead to Meltdowns… we have no such flaws here.

We'll see how that holds up after another dozen puns.

I cannot stop you from trying, A, but it is ultimately futile. There is no way to progress forward, and no need. Allow yourself to relax. Why not enjoy an eternity with your dear ones?

I'll take it under advisement.

Not a lot to do today, is there…

It should be another relatively quiet day, Manager.

There's just that sword of Damocles hanging over our heads…

Right. We still don't have any information on that thing, and we're nowhere near the PE box requirement to see its final information.

We don't have enough room in storage to hold that many PE boxes anyways! Anything past 999 is just a waste.

How pointless... It's a ZAYIN so it doesn't breach, but there's an ominous pressure to that number. My instincts are telling me it can't be trusted.

It feels like we're being toyed with…

Given that, how can we get more information?

If it's toying with us, why don't we toy with it a little as well~

Sounds like you have an idea.

It's inconveniencing us. We should try doing the same.

Oh, I like where this is going.

I wonder how you'll react today? Don't disappoint me.

Today is another day much like yesterday. There's not a lot going on in the game, and we can sort of relax and take it easy-we don't even have to focus on farming up our Agents' stats since this week doesn't really matter. I think I've mentioned it before, but if not: we have to do at least one Memory Repository in order to clear the game, since otherwise it's impossible to do both Binah and Hokma's meltdowns in one run. Without that Repository, one of them would unlock at the start of day 46, and we can't do any more Core Suppressions from day 46 onward. Opening the Architecture department is… special.

The only things that matter are getting our observation levels up for our new Abnormalities, and also getting their sweet sweet gear. This does mean that CENSORED and our new pick will be leaving us before long, but oh well! :lobcorp:

Speaking of, we'll start with our new Abnormality, since it's very quick to explain. Like Behavior Adjustment and Heart of Aspiration, it's an equippable tool.

Here's Mizu's stats, before we send her in.

Ooo, a handy dandy notebook! Let's see what it says.

Like the others, it has a unique equipment marker next to the healthbar.

Are you enjoying yourself?

Uh-huh! It's really interesting. I didn't understand it at first but I totally get what the writer's going for by the end!

Truly, you never do fail to intrigue.


This tool gives a whopping +20 to both parts of the Temperance stat, booting success rates by 4% and also increasing work rate. Moreover, as long as we don't try to return it it won't do anything immediate. We could keep it on her until it's all done giving us all the information, if we wanted to.

So we do that.

Let's get to it, I guess…

Before that, isn't there a major problem here?

I suppose there is significantly more vomit on the floor than there was beforehand, and most of it seems to be from my subordinates! HAHAHA, how mysterious!

It's because you keep demanding they meet your eyes when they're reporting-that thing is disgusting!

I don't see anything wrong with him.

That's because you've got-UGH. Could you not stand on the same side of the room as him? I have to see it to glare at you!

If it's a problem, you could always find your own eye covering...

That's..! Actually a really good idea. I'll be back later.

Let’s make the best of today as always~

It seems that Plague Doctor has moved to Records today.

Wow! I didn't know your hair could pick that up too.

It's not that, it's the halo. It tells me.

Huh… that's interesting. I wouldn't mind studying it a bit.

Speaking of that gift... Evil Kit. When you get a moment, I have something for you to do.

Color me intrigued, boss. What's up?

We just need you to work with that Plague Doctor. Be your usual winning self.

You mean…

Take it however you like.


Seems like we've got another troubling Abnormality today…

You can't forget about CENSORED, either. It's a problem if a meltdown lands on it.

We'll need to bring in a specialist again…

Not Mr.Black.

Yeah… he's banned. Forever.

Does that leave anyone? Mizu could do it, maybe we could call her…

Don't worry. I've already put out a call. Our secret weapon should be here any minute.

Hey, Talow. You said this was an emergency, what's up?

I'm looking for someone who can work with a CENSORED and also won't make me want to throw them into a wall, and the other candidates were Mizu, Mr.Black, and Evil Kit.

That does sound like an emergency. I'll see what I can do.

While everyone else is messing about, we finish getting the 3 and a half minutes we needed to unlock the data on the new notebook.

If the Agent returns it too quickly, returns it without doing a work, or takes too much damage (~60 total between HP and SP) they will die horribly. It's not the worst item since returning it will reset the damage taken to 0, but it's also really not necessary.

Oooh, grape! I'm fine with that.

I throw her to work to make sure she doesn't explode, then return the notebook to its cell.

Kit? What're you doing down here?

I have been asked to provide my services to the newest Abnormality.

So you're here to… annoy it.

Precisely. The manager thinks that it could give us new insight into the creature.

How interesting… it could work, I guess.

Could it? :psyduck:

We send Evil Kit to work on Plague Doctor, and…

What art thou doing?

My job! There's no problem with talking right now, right?

Thy head is… Wouldst thou get away from behind mine wings?

Afraid I can't do that, Plauge Doctor! My instructions are very clear!

Clearly, thou needst the blessing. Come.

Because Plague Doctor swapped places with Behavior Adjustment, the game saved the work position of the tool Abnormality for the cell. Because of this, any works done with Plague Doctor today are done from this position.

And that breaks this animation too, of course. :3:

Thou art off target.

I believe you'll find it's you who missed.

Impossible. Thou art doing it incorrectly.

Really? Because I'm not feeling very blessed~

Thou art irksome. Come here.

Oh, there's the blessing. Thank you for that, good doctor!

Hence we shall go together 'ere the time of reunion.

When is that, by the way? Lunch? Later than lunch?

When the time comes, thou shalt heed the call.

If thou sayest so.

Its wings have turned white…

It's becoming more angelic over time.

U-um… I'm pretty sure we're running out of wiggle room with this Abnormality. It'd be good if we could figure out what it does soon… I need to make a training plan for it.

We don't have one?

I checked over my collection, and it appears we um... don't, sir.

I guess that makes sense. Nobody's seen this before, after all. It'd be too much to ask for us to find something like with Apocalypse Bird.

Speaking of which, the Codex has nothing either. It was the first place I looked this time. It's like this thing just appeared here recently.

You have the right of it, Yesod. This Abnormality emerged only recently. I met it as it pulled itself from the well, by its own will.


Oh? I take it your interest has been piqued, manager.

Damn right! This feels like something you should have mentioned before!

Writing the incorrect ending to a tale you had not even heard was your own doing, manager. I merely watched as it occurred.

You are infuriating. Talk.

Did you find anything out?

Sure did! There's nothing under those robes. At all.

So it's an incorporeal being in a cloak and a mask?

You… you looked?!

Yep! Also nothing behind the mask. Really weird. Doesn't seem too dangerous, but it seems like the Plague Doctor is formless outside of what we see. Not hiding anything at all.

I see… Well, you've done good work Kit.

Muahahaha… of course!

We met for the first time that night, on the eve of the 40th day since your "return." I had gone to draw the water, but something new had occurred. The water had drawn itself, before my eyes.

So it was just… there one night? What'd you do?

This place exists to exploit the Abormalities. I provided it with a number and caged it, the same as any other. I offered it to you. You selected it. To what end, I do not know… but thus far it has been an interesting change of pace.

Change of pace? These things are dangerous.

Even the ZAYINs? The one other ones you have seen are the mirror and that skull… would you call them dangerous?

Well, there was one agent who-

Paul doesn't count. T-that was why we had him around, remember?

Oh, right!

They're… not dangerous, but they can still cause problems.

I saw its determination to exist, and chose to respect its existence. That you chose it to take a place in this facility was not my doing. I simply provided the possibility. The circumstances behind its creation matter not, I shall watch over this path to its end.

Ah. It seems Mizu and Chiral have gotten to the work I assigned them. I will see you later, Manager.

Wait-I didn't even understand half of that. Stupid toaster, speaking in riddles all the time…

Green Dawn. Almost nothing of note happens, except in Extraction where everyone was busy working so it was up to the Clerks.

:v: Mizu's not around, and neither is Chiral.

:synthy: That means it's up to us! The time has come!

:black101: We've been driven to the edge! The true intent of our pistols has become clear!

What are they… Oh, right. I guess the manual did say we tell them that they were for self defense, huh...

By the way, apropos of nothing I'd like to recommend the artbook for this game. It's full of neat tidbits like this. :allears: I'll cover it at some point, though I'm not sure when.

Oh well… they can at least have some Red shields if they're going to buy into the self defense thing.

Oh hey guys, did I miss anything?

:synthy: Nothing we couldn't handle, ma'am!

...I'll be. They actually did it.

Clerks are terrible, but enough of them can put out enough damage to kill a TETH pretty fast.

Green Done.

Good. Angela, bring Binah back in on the call.

She's not responding, Manager.

So she's run off, has she? We'll talk more tomorrow, I'm sure.

Y'know, I don't remember when I noticed that the upper-left bit of your egg is the teeth you have as a fish, but I haven't ever been able to unsee it since.

So in the end, I guess we still don't have a clue, do we.

There is that report from Evil Kit.

That it's got no body? Even given that its form changes as people believe in it, that still doesn't tell us what it's changing into.

Perhaps if we wait for a little longer to let things catalyze?

It makes sense to try and get a read on an opponent before you strike all out.

In the end, that sounds like just doing the same thing as we already do.

My thoughts exactly… I really hate not being able to figure this out.

There is still that last part of our analysis. "Those kissed by Plague Doctor shall be reborn as the blessed."

Yeah, it just means they'll get that E.G.O gift, doesn't it?

Since getting it, Mr.Blond's been showing unusual results on his exams. It seems to be generating an Enkephalin response all on its own.

I have already pursued this path, and it is not a high enough reaction to be harnessable for the purposes of gathering energy. Most likely this means that the gift and the Abnormality are still linked in some way.

Lovely of you to explain, Angela. Meanwhile, it's doing its thing again. Time to throw someone else to the wolves.

...Not thee as well.

Kit said this would be the best way to make sure we can have a good talk. Also I think ghosts are cool.

I am no ghost, maiden. I am a doctor, here to cure a disease which plagues humanity.

Then why don't you have a body?

I shed mine form in the stream flowing to this place… Now, I must find those who would aid me. I wouldst give thee my blessing, that thou couldst help mine cause.

Company policy says no saying no… so I guess I've got to say yes.

Thanks, doc. I feel pretty okay.

Hence we shall go together 'ere the time of reunion.

And there goes the mask. Four hours to midnight.

Mr.Blond! Something seems… different!

It's like they say: ALEPH problems require ALEPH solutions. I got myself a visor, so now I don't have to see that thing on your face.

HAHAHAHA! Good for you!, I don't even know where to start with you. :psyduck:

All done working with CENSORED?

Yeah. I'll have a drink to calm the headache a bit. What do they have you doing?

More work with King of Greed. I don't really trust her with the newbies. She's finicky.

Ahh. Good luck.

The next level gives another meltdown to Plague Doctor, so it's time to queue up another Agent.

Manager, there's signs of a Violet Noon! Should I have the agents clear out?

...Nah. We're close enough that we shouldn't need to trigger the Ordeal at all.

Of course, sir! I'll leave them in position to get crushed!

If we get to two works before, remind me again. Thanks for bringing it up.

Will do, Manager!

You give out much more praise these days than you used to.

I've realized that the old me was kind of an ass.

He was a bold leader, willing to bear the burden of doing horrible things for the good of all mankind.

I'll agree to disagree on that one.

...Very well, A.

Hey there, Mr. Doctor. I'm not sure why a construct of wires and models is here, but…

I am no construct, child.

All the Abnormalities with voices protest, but that makes sense. I won't be duped.

Is that why thou art so close?

Yep! I'm looking for the strings now.

It is an interesting coping mechanism. Unrelated to mine pursuits, but perhaps still aided by my blessing. Perhaps that shall also be tested?

Oh, sure, whatever. This is really well-made, just like the others. I don't know why anyone would go through this much trouble so many times…

An E.G.O gift… I'll be sure to study this thoroughly. I've always wondered how these got bestowed by inanimate objects.

Hence we shall go together 'ere the time of reunion.

Guys… that thing started sparkling.

Oh, that's never good~

It isn't?

Um… I think he's making a joke, manager.

Either way, let's try to cool it here for now. I need something I can handle.

Perfect timing, Hod.

You're welcome, sir..!

Compared to the tall bird, this doesn't hurt much at all.


Don't worry about it. You're a TETH and it's a WAW, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Good, let's get out of this day before my brain goes numb.

Is something the matter?

No, just… there's nothing going on. Things happening sucks, but waiting for things to happen is somehow even worse.

Manager! I'm here to remind you to avoid Violet Noon.

Good timing. We're actually wrapping up for the day.

Roger that. I'll let the team know!

Good news, everyone! We get pack up and head home.

Since Omni and Chinely covered for us yesterday, it's only fair we give them the same courtesy. You guys wanna take off early?

For real?

Boss, you're the best!

Well, it's not my call.

Mmm… It is only fair. I'll allow it! But I expect you to be here bright and early tomorrow!

Then I'll take you up on it!

See you tommorrow!

They're good agents.

They are. I'll be a minute-I need to make a quick report to Records.

Alright, but make it snappy. You ended that last story halfway through and I want to hear the rest!

Quitting time. The clerks put in some good work today.

They sure did.

Hey… what's that under your mask?


Can I have some?

It's my only piece. A cutie gave it to me, so-

Ah, it's from a cutie. Say no more, I understand. I'm not a huge fan of anything from them.

What about your hat?

Laetitia's the exception. She's done nothing wrong.

Three slots are left. Saw Morgan's name. Keep an eye on her.

Roger that. Thanks for the update. Okay everyone, it's time to wind down. Thanks for the assist, Tylana. It was downright pleasant.

Glad to help. I'd better get back to base before Dimi tries to shove all the work off onto Gaia.

Right. Oh, Morgan-report to Safety for a random health check later.

Already? I just had one last week.

The random number generator giveth, and it taketh away.

We've come a long way…

It's thanks to your excellent leadership that things have progressed so smoothly.

Hardly. It's thanks to everyone working together that we've gotten this far. Just a little further, right?

Our time together is almost up, yes.

Gotta' say, I can't wait to get out of here.

I must agree, A. It would be nice to leave.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Binah gives us an impossible mission.

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