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Part 99: Day 45 - Story

Day 45: Story

Music: story 3 ending

It’s time to complete the final piece of the puzzle you have been missing. May you have the best of luck on the last leg of your journey. Saying something like I hope you will finally be happy, or that some of the leftover pain can be relieved now, have long become empty words. There are several more things I would like to say, but let me sum them up into one sentence.

I enjoyed being with you for not only these forty-five days, but also the moments you don’t remember.


He holds in his hands a warmth that looks so comforting, but he can shatter people’s hearts like they’re nothing.

In summary: Angela says that we're almost done with the journey, and wishes us success in the future. She then lets us know that there's one more Sephirah to meet, and warns us about him being dangerous.

So there's a tenth? Huh. Guess I should have assumed, since we're going to be opening Architecture soon. We'll meet tomorrow, I take it?

That is correct, A.

Thanks. I guess we'll go see what Hokma wants, then. If we're lucky it'll just be something benign.

...Yes, manager.

Music: Maya

I’d advise you not to be so languid.

Um, is it okay if I do this?

Hey, don’t worry too much about it, you won’t find a professional like me often.

When we advance, the scene shifts to static…

And when it clears…

Music: Yet again, the background isn't in the OST and there's a lot of effects on this one, so.

Video: Hokma 5

They could be the present, or even from the future. There are people who once loved you, and there are employees who think that they are happy here. There is also Angela, a cold imitation of Carmen. Is this not the heaven that has burrowed into your mind, the place you have been yearning for?

So I plead with you, will you not be satisfied already? We are so desperately continuing to exist, even if it means living like we are now. What right do you have to turn everything to ash? Furthermore… It is clear this story has no need for an end. Think about it.

You never were ready. You were not prepared to accept her death, so you created a being wholly shrouded in a sense of loss. And now you are just struggling to move forward, blindly fumbling along the obscure trails of your past deeds. Throughout this entire process, you were never sincerely willing to do what you did.

Clicking this option makes a ticking clock sound in the background.

You are not at all honest with yourself, even in the gravest of choices you must make. Even if I were to send you away, you would likely return to me after having yet another fresh start. It is an uncontrollable law of this place we must follow. This whole facility has become one giant ever-running clockwork.

It never rests. It never rushes. It is not set to follow any specific person. It simply walks forever, maintaining the same pace as it always has.

This time we get faster ticking, and the screen begins to shake more.

It is natural to feel fear when one is subject to the whims of the air and sea. However, there is no need for you to fear the counting of the clock anymore. I shall always welcome you. I will always console you.

This time it's more ticking, and a clock chime.

You have not changed your decision in the end.

The hour of silent waiting has long since ended. When I no longer feared the impending night, I chose to love this place. But if you still wish to break this egg at all costs…

This is where the video ends, for those who clicked it up above.

Music: When it Rains

This… This is nothing but a seed of calamity, drenched in sin. Oh, by the Wings! Your mind has been soaked with grief, even more severely than I thought. Please, just… Why can’t you just stop now? You and I… We tried our best. With your career and wealth, you’ll be able to live the rest of your life in the Nest with no problem whatsoever. So please, I urge you, stop here.

With everyone’s sacrifice, I came this far and reached the ranks of the Wings. But there was nobody left to celebrate the moment with. The silence was the signal to start my task for everyone. We lost something in us, every single day. We used inhumane methods to extract information from the woman we captured from the Head. We passed out plans to AIs that hadn’t even been named yet.

The sound of the waves were so far away, and there was no time left to stay. I lost the last man who stood by me. It was a tragedy, but I didn’t hide it.

To bring back those who had forsaken the embrace of the earth. To hide and lock away the Seed of secret. I was the only one who remained. I wanted to be forgotten like a mirage.

Music: Boss Warning

In summary: Hokma tries to talk us down from continuing on with our project, saying he's happy here and that everything is perfect for us. We refuse, and he promises to protect the facility over us. We then remember when Benjamin left us, leaving A completely alone as he put his plan into motion. Also Angela was presumably there but A doesn't mention her because she's just a robot.

Hey! You told me you wouldn't go crazy like the others!

I haven't, A. I remain in full control of my faculties. I'm simply going to stop you, and have you replaced with a more agreeable A.

You realize you're only putting off the problem, not solving it-right?

Perhaps… but if you are the genius I remember admiring so much, then surely you saw this coming and accounted for it, yes?

...Fine. See you tomorrow, Hokma.

I received the notification. Well done, Manager.

I didn't even do anything, he just got pissy on his own.

Nevertheless, we have the key necessary to proceed to the next stage. I trust you will be taking care of things tomorrow? If not, I am still quite capable of shutting him off and taking over his duties.

Don't worry about it. Managers have their own work, too.

I don't think that phrase is being used quite how A always had meant it…

Don't care. I need to stretch before the workday starts. I have a feeling it's going to be a doozy.

...Yes, A.

Next time, on Lobotomy Corporation: Hokma tries to kill us because he's an AI and 20 GOTO 10

Hey! Chesed! What's the meaning of this?!

The sleep orders? Come on, we both know what those mean~

Yeah, but there's nobody left who's unstable! We've all squared off with the manager!

Well, not all of us…

Oh hi, Tiphereth. Is Tiphereth with you?

Yeah. We wanted to check on the proposals for today's meeting beforehand.

Hmph. It's just to make sure you're doing a good job!

People who are left… Well, when I think about it I guess there is one, but Binah's floor isn't even complete yet.

Oh no, it's not her. It'd be my very rude lower neighbor.

What? That fogey?!

I haven't had to face him either. Doesn't that mean it might be me..?

...don't be stupid, Tiphereth!

I just thought that I could be the broken one this time. Tiphereth and everyone else seemed to get more stable right after, so I thought...

W...well… I guess it's not impossible~

Your department's already plenty stable…

If you were going to break down, you'd just get replaced again.

Oh… right. I guess that has happened before, hasn't it?

Come to think of it, you haven't had any strange glitches since I was fixed.

You're right! He hasn't. Hm. You don't think…

Lady Angela definitely was involved somehow~

That… that stupid boss of ours! I oughtta give her a piece of my mind!

I wouldn't. It's better to swallow that anger than just have her replace you. We'll just have to trust in the new manager.

...yeah. If it's him it'll be fine.

Well then, since everyone's here… how about I put some coffee on and we chat a while before the day starts?