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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 3: Weeks 1 - 3 - Part 2

Let's see how our cousin is doing. Many in the thread thinks she or her uncle are going to murder us at any moment

You should visit more often. It's awful that the only time I get to see you is...

... something like this.

I know your brother and sister are still too young, but why haven't you come to school?

My mother worries about me. She doesn't think anywhere but home is safe.

I understand. I'm probably not going to be allowed to leave this castle until my birthday.

But at least we can have fun together here!

Well, Elodie's expression is different than yesterday.

Because of the cheerfulness she gained, her depression and afraid stats are tied. In Long Live the Queen, when this happens, the skill furthest on the left wins. In this case, afraid.

Her skill bonuses/penalties have changed accordingly. Composure is still -1 right now, so I would normally take the skill that came in second. However, just this one time, I'm going with composure anyway. It will be useful for showing what happens when you try to increase a penalized skill.

No increasing text, as it only went up by 5. Only increments of 10 give you flavor text.

Now that she has reached 10 composure, Elodie can do deep breathing exercises!

I have come to pay my respects in honor of your mother.

You have no respect or honor. It's because of you and your powers that my wife is dead!


I am a Lumen, as was she, and like every Lumen I am willing to give my life if necessary to protect our domain.

Duke of Caloris: Your line has been traitors for two hundred years. I won't have you corrupting my daughter.

That is for the Crown Princess to decide. Elodie, your mother trusted me, and I have much to teach you.

Time to make an extremely important decision with very little to go on (something that LLTQ loves)! Do we send her away, arrest her, or let her stay? No other voting for now, because our weekend activities depend on this.