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Long Live the Queen

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Part 6: Weeks 1 - 3 - Part 5

The thread chose to not do something stupid hold still.

Oh, so that's the reason I allowed that penalized skill to be studied.

There. It's dead.

You look down at your feet and see a snake in the grass!


What is going on out here?

Mummy, there was a snake!

The Duchess of Ursul protected us.

Milk vipers are not native to this area. That snake should never have been here.

This is unacceptable. I can't have my daughter remaining in such a dangerous place! We are returning home to Merva at once.


The thread voted to visit the dungeons, presumably to manipulate Elodie's mood

Our mood has changed. Elodie is now Depressed again, like at the beginning. Only this time she is on the verge of being willful

It's that time again. What classes should Elodie take? Also, note that from this point on I may not offer some of the completely inconsequential choices to the thread so we can get through each week in one or two updates. I'll choose the weekend activities myself to match Elodie's mood bonuses with what skills the thread seems to be going for.