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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 9: Weeks 4 - 8 - Part 3

Elodie has decided that she won't wear the necklace.

We should probably tell Julianna that Dad is keeping the crystal from us.

My father says I can't have the crystal until I'm Queen, so we'll just have to wait.

There may not be time to wait. This world is filled with dangers, and you will need the powers of a Lumen to fight them. You can't begin training until you have bonded with your crystal.

Well, what else am I supposed to do about it?

The crystal is probably held under guard in the Royal Treasury. You are the princess; you should be able to find a way inside.

Otherwise we might have to take drastic action.

This choice doesn't actually preclude Elodie from doing anything. It does affect her mood though. Let's reassure Julianna that we will find a way, so we can get the willful bonus.

This is Elodie's current mood. Without that willful bonus, her strongest emotion would have been depressed.

Our bonuses and penalties haven't changed, but you may notice that there is a new box on the top right. This is part of the update Hanako released. The game has one for every emotion Elodie can feel. The boxes we have seen will be on second post. Willful, afraid, and depressed should already be there.

The update also added text for failed study attempts, added a skip button that was shown in the last update, and fixed a few typos. The skip button can be turned on and off in the options menu, which I should have realized last update.

Hey, it's that time again! What classes should Elodie take?