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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 100: Bonus Series 1 - Part 3

So be it.

Ships close in on each other, angling into range.

You take your position with a spyglass, watching the enemy movements closely and shouting out any necessary changes in plan. The Shanjians outnumber you slightly, but it could all come down to strategy.

Your skill in long-range magic makes you as effective as a cannon (and more maneuverable), but there is still only one of you.
The eventual outcome... a hard-fought victory.

You have repelled the invasion fleet, driving the survivors back across the sea. You and your sailors are heroes, and Nova is safe once more.

Next week...

We have obtained a number of Shanjian prisoners who survived the naval battle. A few are from wealthy families and can be ransomed, but most are common sailors and soldiers. What do you intend to do with them?

I'm going to choose the most sensible option without goon input.

Ransom back the ones whose families will pay. Offer the soldiers and such their freedom if they are willing to serve in my army instead.

Very well.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You have eight hundred and fifteen gold lassi and ninety-seven silver tilassi.

Better. Not good, but better.

People are hanging your portrait outside their homes and decorating it with flowers like a shrine.

Everyone loves you.

During the epilogue...

Option A: Save the Day through the power of Music! Also learn about what is actually happening in the realm.

Option B: Evil Elodie Playthrough!

Option C: Select an achievement. I then get it.

Option D: Name a character. They die, if they are able to.

Option E: Kill as many named characters as possible in a playthrough.

It has been unanimously decided by the goonocrocy that I can share the order that I recommend. I'd recommend going A, then B, then C and D. I wouldn't recommend option E as a lot of characters can't be killed if you want to kill another, so it wouldn't cover quite a few of them.