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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 106: Bonus Series 2 - Part 3

For her disobedience, she will be executed.


Your Highness, I must protest!

No one crosses me and lives. Not Hellas and not Ixion. Remember that!

Diplomat from Ixion: Very well. We will accept this apology.

You can't be serious!


And now Elodie is finally happy.

On week 17...

If I might have your attention? I believe we should offer our compliments to our lovely hostess. Her respect for tradition and the rights of the nobility means that we can all sleep safe in our beds. Our mother entrusted the jewel of her lands to my sister Brin, a bequest which the princess holds in honor.

The blatant falseness of his words grates on your ears. He's challenging your honor in front of the entire assembly.

(He wants me angry. He wants me to make a mistake.)

I don't have to listen to this. Guards! Off with his head!

Do you see? Impulsive, violent, and chaotic. Is this really what we want in our leader?

Guards, I said arrest him!

A guard steps hesitantly towards the Duke of Maree, but the other nobles join ranks around him.


Listen well, all of you! I respect our royal line. I make allowances for the princess' youth and recent tragedy. But in these troubled times, we require strong leadership. In light of her inexperience, I move that the Princess be married to the strongest available candidate. That man will then hold the throne as King Regent, to protect our princess and our domain. As the sole eligible Duke in Nova, that duty would fall to me.

So you admit, you're just trying to take power for yourself.

There is no other choice! You clearly could not wed your own father or uncle, Young Elath is still a child, and the Duke of Kigal is happily married. For the stability of Nova, I am the only candidate.

By right of blood, Elodie is your Queen.

Elodie would retain her title and her children would inherit, but we cannot afford an incompetent Queen.

Father, I am capable of speaking for myself. Isn't that what this is all about?

You face the assembled nobles and put the power of command into your voice.

: You may not like everything I do, but I act for the good of the domain. This man, one of my sworn Dukes, is acting to undermine my rule in order to advance his own power. He wishes to be made King by your hands. He has admitted it. Will you be so used? I say this man is a traitor. I say this man is plotting against the throne. And for this crime, he must die. Do you deny my right?

The assembled guests murmur among themselves, then step back, leaving Banion exposed.

Now, as I was saying. GUARDS!

He knows when he has lost - he puts up no struggle.

His titles will pass to the offspring of his brother Bennett.

For the good of the realm.

After that, it seems that your remaining guests have little stomach for light entertainment.