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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 107: Bonus Series 2 - Part 4

So, what would happen if we failed that presence/public speaking check?

It would seem that no one is listening to you anymore.

I call for a vote among the Dukes and Duchesses of Nova. Do we leave our fates in the hands of a child, or do we take action? The vote of Maree is for change.

Caloris stands with the Queen.

She is my sister's child, and I her stated heir. I cannot vote. I abstain.

Ursul stands with the Queen.

Kigal stands with the Queen.

Sudbury votes for change.

This process is distasteful. I abstain.

Wow, Benett is worse than Banion. We executed his sister, Brin. His brother will be executed if he doesn't oppose us, and Bannett is siding with us with a smile on his face because he got a title. Cold.

You do a bit of quick tallying in your head and realise... you've won!

The votes have been cast, and I remain Queen.

And you remain a traitor to the realm. One who has just attempted to lead a coup. Your life will be your apology.


After that, it seems that your remaining guests have little stomach for light entertainment.

So, in this case, nothing bad would have happened to us. However, it is possible to lose this vote of no confidence. Some of the votes can change, depending on what choices you have made. If you lose, Elodie loses all political power, and you get a game over similar to the peasant uprising. For those curious about how the different nobles vote:

Banion: Always votes for change

Joslyn: Always votes for Elodie

Laurent: Always abstains

Armand: I'm not exactly sure what the conditions are for this vote.

Ursul: Varies. If Julianna is still Duchess and was able to attend (never imprisoned, or, if imprisoned, released at priestess' request) she will side with the queen. If Ignatius is duke, he will abstain.

Severin: I'm not exactly sure what the conditions are for his vote.

Lieke: Votes for change unless Brin was made a commoner. This is because her husband gets Brin's title. She doesn't vote for Elodie if Brin is executed because for Lieke that is too far. Also votes for Elodie if she attends a lot of ballroom dances before the Grand Gala.

Corrisand: Abstains unless:

a) Her husband, Ignatius, was made duke of Ursul, in which case she votes for Elodie.

b) Elodie lets the week 13 murder off with only having to work, in which case she votes for change.

Arisse: Votes for Elodie if she followed Kevin's wishes and executed the prisoner on week 13 or said that justice was already done. Otherwise votes for change.

Fabian: Always sides with Arisse.

Hellas: If Bennett is the title holder, he will always side with Elodie. If Brin is still alive, she will always side with Banion.

This list isn't perfect. If anyone can add anything, or point out any mistakes, please do! These are just my observations from experimenting with it for a little while.