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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 108: Bonus Series 2 - Part 5

Technically, this is only an hour and a half late on Baker Island.

For this, I did a playthrough where I made the decisions that would make the nobles hate me the most, then I went to Gwenelle's birthday party and agreed to help with Briony's adventure.

Matters have come to a crisis. Arisse, the Duchess of Lillah, has declared civil war.


Apparently she feels that you are a weak leader, unfit to be Queen, and has managed to sway several others to her banner.

Who is against me?

A number of minor earls and countesses. The Duchess of Mead and the Duke of Kigal. The situation in Hellas and Maree is less clear.

Wait a minute!

The Duchess of Mead is one of the rebels - but we have her daughter Briony here at the castle!

Why is Briony here?

Long story. She wanted an adventure.

So I'll write to the rebels and tell them they'd better back down if they value her life.

Would you really execute one of your old school friends?

Does that even matter? They'll give in.

There are ways to increase the number of soldiers you have available. You could offer to pardon various imprisoned criminals in exchange for military service.

I don't think criminals will make trustworthy soldiers.

Very well.

Forces are in motion, but they will take time to reach their peak.

The negotiator for the rebels has arrived to speak with you.

Diplomat: We require proof that Lady Mead is in your custody and unharmed.

Fine. Briony! Get in here!

What do you want now, Elodie? This has been the worst vacation ever! I thought we were supposed to go on an adventure together. I am tired of being cooped up in that tower! I want to go home!

As you can see, she's her usual self.

Diplomat: What are your demands?

I can't trust nobles who are willing to turn traitor against me. In exchange for Briony's freedom, the leaders of the rebellion will be stripped of their titles.

They will then be exiled from the domain of Nova, under order of execution if they ever return. This rule applies to the Duchess of Lillah, the Duchess-Consort of Kigal, and the Duchess of Mead. (It was Arisse and her daughters who planned this.)

Diplomat: That is a great deal to ask for.

I don't think exile is too high a price to pay for the life of Briony.

Diplomat: ... Very well. As long as the designated heirs are still allowed to inherit, we will accept.

As long as those heirs know what's good for them and don't try this again.

(That will make Briony the new Duchess of Mead, and Arisse's middle son Kiran the Duke of Lillah.)

(And they're both about my age and sort of friendly with me, so this works out pretty well!)