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Part 109: Hella Yuri Playthrough by Feinne

As a gift from me to this thread, I bring you some content:

So, our goal here is to say to hell with the various men and end up with Brin. There are a few things that we need to do or not do for this to work out:

1) You might have to send Julianna away, as the option to dance with Brin will not exist unless you have Court Manners > 40 and Intrigue > 40 as of the dance if she’s present.

2) We need to deal with the dispute in Week 10 without offering to punish Brin. I like to just bluff them with Presence since 60 Presence is easy enough to make happen and we want Presence for other things anyway.

3) You need to dance with Brin. Either this will be ‘Dance with someone scandalous’ with Julianna not present or actively choosing her from the expanded list. You want to have Intrigue here anyway because Internal Affairs > 40 will let you know she might be kinda in to dancing with you.

4) You’ll receive flowers from Brin the next week. You want to Accept them.

5) Now just win the game. Lots of ways to do that.

6) When you get to the end, choose not to marry anyone after seeing that Brin made you an interesting proposal.

7) And there you go it’s just that easy.

Let’s look at some of the stuff. Let’s jump right to passing the check that gives us the full list, which in retrospect totally negated me kicking Julianna out.

As a Queen, few would dare comment about your choice of companions, but until you have provided an heir to the throne, there is great pressure on you to make an appropriate match. That doesn’t mean you have to give in.
Brin, the Duchess of Hellas, is an attractive and unmarried woman. What might people think, seeing the two of you together?
According to rumor, she is inclined in that direction. But what does she think of you?
The most important woman present, after yourself, is Arisse, Duchess of Lillah. She is married, a mother and grandmother many times over, but might be flattered by the acknowledgement of her status.
Or, if you truly wanted to set the court on its ear, you could demand your first dance with a mere servant. A maid - like Alice. The assembled nobles would be outraged.

So yeah let’s dance with Brin.

You feel deliciously wicked at the expression of shock on her face, but it soon fades into something more ambiguous. Her hand in yours is warm, and too late, you wonder if you’re playing with fire.
Dancing with a real partner feels quite different from dancing with your father. You knew him, knew his steps like a part of you. Now every move is a mystery.
Unfortunately, you lose track of which steps you’re supposed to do when, and trip over your own feet. Oops!

We don’t actually need to succeed at dancing, by the way. It’d be pretty tricky to actually do that.

I actually found a path that was better than the first time I’d done this while I was getting these screenshots and managed to get enough Sense Magic to Marvel Team Up with Evil Aunt Lucille, first time around I didn’t and ended up trying and failing to have her killed. Either way doesn’t change the content to do with this, though, it just changes our options for winning the game. So next week we get flowers.

The flowers are unusual - long spikes of red, thick with nectar and emitting a strong fragrance, nothing like the delicate blossoms in most vases.
Elodie: Who sent them?
Alice: The Duchess of Hellas, I believe.

We want to Accept them. With enough Court Manners (at least 90, which would definitely require you not to have Julianna there so you can skip the Intrigue) you can learn what accepting the flowers means. If you’ve got at least 50 Poisons, you also learn that eating the flowers would be a really bad idea so don’t do that.

Elodie: Put them on display. I think they look nice.

So if we’ve done these things, we will see this pop up during the roll of marriage options:

I’m not sure if that actually happens if you choose to marry Banion at this point but we don’t want to marry that jerk anyway, we want to pick No One, which will give us this epilogue:

We also get an achievement for Brin sending us flowers.