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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 12: Weeks 4 - 8 - Part 6

... If you say so, my lady.

To become more yielding, we can either go to court or play with toys. Playing with toys will get us there faster, so let's do that.

Presence still has a huge penalty, and swords got less than half the points of cryptography. !ytrap gnidocnE

You have unlocked a new outfit!

Remember, the treasury is not unlimited. If you choose to invest, you will have less money to work with later.

Man: I need to borrow 875 lassi to assemble the metal and a factory to mold and cast the type. With this system, we will be able to create new books in a fraction of the time it takes now, and make copies to send all over the world.

We are not interested.

Elodie's strongest mood is still willful. Next weekend Elodie will go to court, which will make her strongest emotion be depressed, so long as nothing in the story changes her mood.

We got a new outfit for getting all of the intrigue skills over 25.

Elodie is wearing a catsuit, so naturally she has to wear a monacle too.

Her monocle seems to make her better at politics though.

Voting time again. What classes should Elodie take?