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Part 121: Adventures with Briony - Part 2

Catalina posted:

This game is so crazy reactive, I'm glad to have so many people showing off scenes in this thread.

And here is part 2 of the Awesome Adventures! Next will be ing Togami, and after that will be the epilogue scenes.

The Duchess of Mead is here to see you, my lady.
Elodie! Where is my daughter?
I'm right here.
Briony? What happened to you? Your clothes - your skin!
Well, you see, there was this nasty thing with tentacles and it sort of grabbed me...
You were - You went to the Old Forest! What were you thinking? You could have been killed!
But Elodie rescued me!

Briony's mother turns to glare at you.
You were there with her? Why didn't you talk her out of this?
I kept her safe, didn't I?
She's a hero, mother!
There is no such thing. Only fools risking their lives for no good reason.
Come on, young lady. We're going home.
.... yes, mother.

The Duchess of Mead leads her daughter away, and you sigh.
You should not have risked your life to chase after your friend. What would have happened to Nova if you had died?
You have responsibilities. You cannot act on your every whim.
Your mother gave her life for this domain. How can you disrespect her memory like this?

In your heart you know he's only yelling at you because he loves you and he was afraid for you, but at the moment, that doesn't lessen the sting.

Unless Elodie did something to make herself less Afraid last week, she'll still be Afraid after the lecture, but the +5 Pressured means that when she is less Afraid she's likely to be Pressured afterwards, unless she was very Lonely before.

I also like the implication that it is an entire week later and yet Briony is still in the same clothes she wore to the forest.