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by MegaZeroX

Part 124: Pretty Princess Dress Up Time by yamiaainferno

Here are all of the outfits for LLTQ. Not of particular importance but I've always really liked the art in this game and Elodie looks pretty damn cute in almost all of these. Some we've seen in the thread, but many we have not.

Boarding School Uniform (No Bonus)

Coronet (Royal Demeanor)

Tea Dress (Conversation)

Toga (Expression)

Scholar's Gown (History)

Catsuit (Intrigue)

Nurse's Gown (Medicine)

Tuxedo (Economics)

Uniform (Military)

Tutu (Agility)

Tabard (Weapons)

Exercise Gear (Athletics)

Hunt Coat (Animal Handling)

Priestess Robe (Faith)

Magical Girl (Lumen)

EDIT: When I was getting the screenshots for talking to Fabian, I also got the duel with Banion on accident. It was a pretty fun scene so I'll likely post that sometime too.