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Part 125: Elath Succession Crisis - Alternate Decisions by yamiaainferno

Elath’s succession crisis is one of the more memorable events in the game, mostly because pretty much everyone falls for the grandfather trap and gets little Adair killed, teaching the player that their actions have consequences. For a long time I thought that sending him to our uncle was the best option, until I tried a 100 stats run just for kicks and stumbled upon this scene.

First, you need to pass the Divination check (>= 60) Week 14.

(An owl in daylight and a dead leaf-- Someone important will die in the next few months.)

And all this time, I thought it was banshees, not leaves, that heralded death. Regardless, that is the only check required for this event. Anyone who’s played the game before of course knows who the omen is referring to. It comes up again at the ball.

Fabian is the father of, and reagent for, Adair, the young Earl of Elath. The boy is only twelve, years too young to assume his full title.

There’s a Foreign Intelligence (>=70) check here, commenting on the frequency of deaths in this family.

Test: Foreign Intelligence > Failed

Tragedy has been a common visitor to the Elath line; his mother Cayleigh died in childbirth, and her mother and sister died when Cayleigh herself was a very young girl.

Test: Foreign Intelligence > Success

Almost all of Adair’s near-blood relatives have died in the past thirty years. His mother Cayleigh died in childbirth; her mother and sister are suspected to have been victims of agents from Sedna. If Fabian dies before Adair comes of age, there will be a succession crisis in Elath.

Here we have the option to speak to him or say nothing. If you say nothing, the ball will proceed to Banion’s toast as normal.

He stares at you, and you realize that you’ve spoken too bluntly for politeness.

If you pass the Conversation check (>=50), Elodie will ask much more politely.

My mother’s death has made it clear to me that we are all mortal, and solid plans need to be in place.

You worry for a moment about how the old man will take such a subject, but he only sighs and nods.

And then the conversation continues as normal.

But the mornings do grow colder. I hope to see Adair become a man, but I know that it may not happen.I know she’s no blood of his, but I say leave the boy with Arisse and her brood in Lillah. Her youngest three are near enough to Adair’s siblings, Adele especially. She dotes on him. My other children are too old, Adair’s never known them. And his grandfather...

Still, I would never trust him with Cayleigh’s son.

He pats your hand.

Good little girl, you are, thinking of me. What will come will come.

If you danced with Adair earlier, his dialogue changes. Fun Facts: I discovered this purely by accident.


Was that not what you had in mind when you danced with him? Get them young, train them how you want them? Didn’t work out so well for my and my Cayleigh, may the gods protect her soul.

Fabian went from nice old man to a total creep in nothing flat. Maybe it’s just me, but those two lines really disturb me.

If that’s not your plan, then please, leave him with his stepmother. Closest thing to family he’ll have left.

This version also ends with him patting your hand and thanking you for thinking of him. Later, when Fabian dies, there is new dialogue and options.

I expected that was coming.

With the control of Elath in doubt, it falls to the crown to make decisions.

Here we are given the usual spiel about possible regents-- Arisse, the grandfather, an unrelated noble, or marrying him ourselves. I’m not going to bother to post it again. After her father is done, Elodie will reflect on her conversation with the old creep.

(He said that Adair should stay with either his stepmother or his stepsister Adele. Adele would be a less politically dangerous choice.)

A minor continuity error, as really he only mentioned Arisse as a caretaker. Adele was mentioned in passing as a reason why he should stay with Arisse. It would have made more sense if Elodie had mentioned him wanting Adair to stay with his stepfamily, and then thought of Adele herself. Interestingly though, if you dance with Adair at the ball (so that Adele never comes up in the conversation) you do not get the option to name her reagent, and instead of the above dialogue you get this:

(He also said definitely not to give Adair to his grandfather.)

They’ve grown up together, and she’s old enough for the responsibility. She doesn’t have a title of her own and is more likely to be loyal to Elath’s interests.

A clever compromise.

+1 Cheerful

Thank you.

Adair later sends us a letter, thanking us for letting him stay with his family. It’s pretty sweet.