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Part 126: Duel with Banion by yamiaainferno

To trigger this event, you must either surrender the province to Ixion or execute Brin in Week 10. Here I went with surrendering the province. Banion will make his usual backhanded toast in our honor at the banquet about it.

During a lull in the music, Banion, the Duke of Maree, taps an elegant fingernail against a wineglass, letting the clear note ring out through the room.

I believe we should offer our compliments to our lovely hostess. Her respect for tradition and the rights of the nobility means that we can all sleep safe in our beds. Our boundaries are strong and secure, our lands well-defended. No one would dare to steal from us.

The blatant falseness of his words grates on your ears. He’s challenging your honor in front of the entire assembly.

Test: Composure > Failed

I can’t let this slide!

Passing this test (>=20) simply gives you the option to ignore the jibe, giving you a +1 to Yeilding. Otherwise, we have the option to duel him or to have him executed.

You insult my honor.

Elodie, no!

+1 Angry
+1 Willful

You pull off one of your long white gloves and hurl it to the ground at Banion’s feet.

Witness that it was never my intent to endanger the royal succession. However, these actions prove that Her Royal Highness is too unstable and too immature to sit on the throne. For the safety of our domain, I will accept.

The floor is cleared and both of you change into more appropriate attire. As the challenged party, Banion has the choice of weapons. He chooses swords.


Test: Swords > Success

You charge in, but cautiously, meeting his blade with your own as you circle, testing each other for weaknesses. Your opponent appears to be in no hurry. His training and experience may appear to give him the edge, but you have youthful energy on your side. You may be able to outlast him.

Test: Athletics > Success

Your athletic training has toned your muscles and given you the strength to carry on for long periods of time. Round and round you go. Is it your imagination, or are his movements a fraction slower than when you began? One of you needs to win, and quickly. Now is the time to press.

Test: Swords > Success

One blow, another, a quick charge, a twist of the blade and-- there! Your sword sinks into the flesh just underneath his ribcage, and he falls. You stand there, gasping for breath, with his blood at your feet.

...His titles will pass to his brother Bennett. This gathering is over.

In silence, you walk away. You are not in the mood to talk to anyone else right now.

This ends Week 17 immediately, not giving you the Sense Magic check to sniff out Lucille. Honestly, I love this scene. Nice Elodie can be badass too, guys. Failing any of those checks (>=30, >=40, >=70, in order), will result in a sword death.

Test: Swords > Failed

You charge in, swinging your blade wildly, trusting that he would not dare seriously attempt to harm a young woman of royal blood in front of so many witnesses. Unfortunately, you are fatally incorrect. The last thing you see is the expression on Banion’s face. He seems almost regretful. You wonder why... but you don’t wonder for long.

I’m not actually sure what that last line is about. I’d welcome theories!