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Part 128: "Sailor Briony" by Princey

zonohedron posted:

In that playthrough I sent Julianna back to Ursul, so I didn't have a chance; she still got vegetables thrown at her for being a Lumen who's not the wonderful dragon-slaying queen.

I hope no one minds too terribly if I post these then.

Pretty much the same playthrough as zonohedron's, I went for the Battlefield Medicine + Composure check for Elodie to grit her teeth and bear it through an arrow to the gut and the Poison check to get Elodie to purge herself after stupidly eating the poisoned chocolates, since they're both Medicine skills and I needed high Herbs for the forest adventure anyway. And obviously I didn't send Julianna away.

So there you go, lesbian marriage and appointing magical girl Briony Julianna's heir to get around that whole issue. Much happier ending than vegetables!