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Part 130: Angering Talarist by MegaZeroX

First, we wear the necklace and force Brin to marry an Ixionite to resolve to resolve the war. Then we impolitely turn down Talarist's betrothal. Banion is then annoyed enough to ask us for a dance at the ball, which implies Elodie is having an affair with Banion. I believe we've already seen these scenes, so I'm not going to show them. As to why we accept the dance:

That's because I intend to marry you.

You're powerful, experienced, and sneaky. I think we could make a good match. But for now, I intend to dance.

Next week...

The Duke of Maree has sent you a gift.

An engagement present?

You open the box to reveal a little glass figure of a dancing girl, her hands held above her head.

You perch the figure on a shelf where she can catch the light.


We then choose to have our agents focus on foreign threats Later, after we take the lumen crystal from the man claiming to be possessed...

You detach a battalion of soldiers to guard the border between Sedna and Elath. If he tries anything, you'll be prepared.

We send Adair to his grandfather. which of course causes Adair to be killed. When Elodie is informed of his death:

(The Earl of Ishtar's first wife and oldest daughter also died under mysterious circumstances.)

(Officially, an accident, but there were rumors it was agents from Talasse. Then his other daughter married young and died giving birth to Adair. With Adair dead, the only family he has left is his second wife and their son Connor, who's fifteen.)

Talasse is moving against us, aren't they?

We have to protect our border. Send some soldiers west in case Talasse tries to invade.

A battalion will set out at once.

We then name a Novan heir, to further infuriate Talarist. Next week

I have more unpleasant news. Soldiers belonging to the Duke of Sedna have attempted to cross the border into Elath, but were chased off by your patrols.

Good thing I put soldiers there earlier!

The crisis is averted for now, but relations with Talasse are likely to be strained in the future.

The epilogue scenes we got in this playthrough which we haven't seen: