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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 14: Weeks 9 - 11 - Part 2

Thank you, Your Highness.

If I might say so, you are looking particularly lovely this day. I hope you will think fondly of me.

(Is he flirting with me? He's almost as old as my father!)

We should go to court. Otherwise, our strongest emotion will be lonely.

Elodie's is currently depressed. It is will be a couple of weeks before Elodie becomes yielding.

You have the full support of my sister and myself, Your Highness.

The information about Brin's sexuality would not be there if Elodie's internal affairs was lower.

Diplomat from Ixion: Your Royal Highness, thank you for granting me this audience. I am sure we can come to an amicable agreement.

Diplomat from Ixion: Let bygones be bygones, no? We will forget about your unprovoked attacks on us, and you will transfer the rights to this little province. We can be good neighbors again, without any lives being lost.

4 skill checks failed.

If Elodie wasn't such a failure at negotiating, there would be more options. As it stands, the only option she can back away from is the second one. Let's check that out.

That is not acceptable. All the land north of the river belongs to us. We are willing to offer some payment in exchange for the inconvenience you have suffered, but nothing more.

Diplomat: I believe we could settle the matter for eight thousand golden lassi.

If we refuse...

I don't think that will work...

We are brought back here.

So, what should we do? Should we surrender the province, buy back the province, bluff/intimidate the negotiator, or execute him? And after these negotiations, what classes should Elodie take?