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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 18: Weeks 12 - 15 - Part 3

Did the old Duke kill her brother?

Are you accusing my family?

I'm asking what happened!

The honor of our line is far greater than that of the wet-bottomed child who sits the throne!


Without warning, the Earl of Io draws a dagger and slices the convict's throat.

No one harms my family. No one!

He throws the blood-stained blade to the floor and walks away.


Elodie would lose her yielding if we went to get our crystal now. Since most people wanted to increase royal demeanor skills, let's not do that.

You have unlocked a new outfit!

(That's funny, I thought owls were nocturnal. I guess I was wrong.)

When you return to the castle, your father is waiting for you.

There are reports that a keythong has been sighted leaving the Old Forest.

What's a keythong?

A beast with the body of an enormous golden cat, a sharp beak, and spikes on its back.


Several disappearances in southern Caloris are already thought to be the work of this creature.

What do we do? Should we send hunters?

The traditional policy on stray beasts is to hope that they return to the forest and stay there. Hunters are no match for such creatures. You would only make it angry and waste more lives.

So... we just let it eat people?

Everyone dies in the end.


Oh Joslyn, you are the best dad ever!

As with last week, we would losing Elodie's yielding if we visited the treasury.

We unlocked a new outfit.

What classes should Elodie take? What outfit should she wear? And should we allow Elodie to sacrifice the yielding emotion in order to get the crystal?