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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 20: Weeks 16 - 21 - Part 1

Oh good. Elodie can now walk. She should be ready for the Grand Gala now.

Now if an enemy assailant tries to poke Elodie with lightning fast speed, she should be ready.

If you have any concerns about your safety, please, stay here. The people will recover from disappointment; if we lose you, there is no recovery.

My little girl.

You prepare your best gown for the occasion, then walk slowly through the town with your attendants. It would not be appropriate for you to wear a sword, but you do walk with a sturdy golden scepter that's taller than you are.

Then the new life is blessed, and all the attendants join in song. The procession regroups to return to the castle.

What do I do now?

Pick up the crystal with your bare hands. Press it against your chest, over your heart, and say "Illuminate!"

Okay... Here we go... Illuminate!


The priestess here is a friend of mine. I will come to your lessons in the faith and train you to use your powers.

We can finally learn Lumen! The class descriptions have been added to the second post.

What lumen classes should Elodie take?