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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 21: Weeks 16 - 21 - Part 2

All the nobles in the domain are here to see you - to see their queen.


You let your eyes rest upon each in turn as you have been taught, impressing upon them that you are not a child, but a Queen. Your father waits for you at the bottom of the stairs and offers you his arm.

The first dance is for us.

He guides you gently around the dance floor, never rushing you. It's fun to dance with your father, but the look in his eyes is so sad.

After this, you must choose your own partner. There are a number of men who hope to catch your eye. The Duke of Kigal alone has brought three eligible sons, all near your age.

You look around the room at all your possible partners - which is to say, everyone. No one may begin dancing until you do. You can pick whomever you want and you will not be denied.

Who should we dance with? And what classes should we take next week?