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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 28: Weeks 22 - 24 - Part 1

This isn't really a surprise; he was pretty old. The problem is the political implications.

With the control of Elath in doubt, it falls to the crown to make decisions. Young Lord Adair will not reach his fifteenth birthday for over two years. He requires a regent. His stepmother, Arisse, the Duchess of Lillah, has petitioned that the boy be left in her care. This would, however, leave her in personal control of two neighboring duchies, which is generally forbidden.

(Almost the entire eastern border.)

(Duchess Arisse's previous husband was supposed to be a nasty piece of work. He may even have attacked Adair's mother before her untimely death. He's gone now, of course, but she's still the sort of woman who married a monster.)

The boy does have a living grandfather, the Earl of Ishtar. Or you might appoint an unrelated noble to act in his stead. The Earl of Ishtar has suggested another possibility. You and Adair are both young, not too far apart in age. He requests that we accept the boy as your future husband and keep him here at the castle.

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