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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 36: Weeks 25 - 28 - Part 6

Very well.

Joslyn never fails to prove that he is Regent of the Year material.

You have nothing more to learn about Resist Magic.

Soldiers from Talasse have crossed the border into Elath and are pushing towards the ducal seat. The Duke of Sedna insists that he is the rightful heir, and the territory belongs to him. Your newly-appointed Duke requests additional military support and supplies.

*sigh* Fine. Whatever.

You also have some letters.

(Another letter from Briony. Why does she keep writing me? We were never even friends.)

(She says she's bored and lonely and she's looking forward to seeing me at Gwenelle's birthday party.)

(That's right! Gwenelle is about to turn fifteen! She'll be Duchess of Sudbury for real now.)

(This other letter must be my invitation to her birthday celebration next week. Gwenelle and I were friends at school, and this will be a big event, but it's also a long way to travel. A lot of things can happen on the road.)

Should we forget about that entire looming war thing and just go to a birthday party? And what classes should we take next week?