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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 37: Weeks 25 - 28 - Part 7

Note: I forgot to change Elodie into the magical girl outfit this update.

Elodie is now pressured! The bonuses/penalties are now in the second post.

You look down in shock at the arrow which has buried itself in your side. Outside, you can hear screams and curses, but it feels unreal. Your world is centered around pain.

You struggle with the arrow, afraid to pull it loose. You heard a story somewhere about pushing arrows through the body, so you brace yourself and give it a shove. Unfortunately, this only drives the arrow deeper into your vital organs, turning a painful wound into a fatal one.

Elodie sure knows how to die in the dumbest way possible! Stabbing this arrow further into myself will help, right?

We are going to start back from week 1 again. But now we will vote for multiple weeks at a time! Everyone gets 3 class votes, a decision on what to do with Julianna and whether to look down at the snake or not.