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Part 38: Playthrough 2 - Part 1

(Week 1 is always the same. It can be found here)

Elodie graduated kindergarten!

I have come to pay my respects in honor of your mother.

You have no respect or honor. It's because of you and your powers that my wife is dead!


I am a Lumen, as was she, and like every Lumen I am willing to give my life if necessary to protect our domain.

Duke of Caloris: Your line has been traitors for two hundred years. I won't have you corrupting my daughter.

That is for the Crown Princess to decide. Elodie, your mother trusted me, and I have much to teach you.

You are a traitor to the crown and I ought to have you executed.

GUARDS! Arrest her!

Throw her into the castle dungeons and let her rot!

Well. I suppose she won't be a problem anymore.

... Never mind. Elodie didn't graduate kindergarten, she got held back.

He loves me, he loves me not...

Lottie, do you have a boyfriend?

Not really. I just like to play with the flowers.

Me too.

You gather your skirts and prepare to sit down, when all of a sudden, a hissing noise alerts you to a hidden danger - a snake!

Charlotte, don't move!

You grab for a stick to push the snake away, but you lack the skills to do the job properly, and poking the snake only makes it angry. Too fast to see, it lunges forward and sinks its fangs into your leg!


The snake slithers away, but it's too late now. A strange tingling sensation begins to spread through your flesh.

That's a milk viper. They're poisonous!

I don't feel good.

Your leg is going numb. You stumble and fall to the ground.

Hold on!

Your cousin kneels beside you and presses her hands over the bite mark. The area throbs painfully, then begins to feel warm. After a minute, you're dizzy, but your leg isn't buzzing anymore, and even the wound has disappeared.

How did you do that?

I don't know how I do it. I just can. I'm not supposed to tell anybody. People think it's freaky. You won't tell, will you?

Of course not. I'm just lucky you were here.

Girls? What's going on out here? I heard yelling.


We saw a snake, but it got away.

A snake! That's it. Charlotte, pack your things. We're going back to Merva. It's not safe here.


I love Lucille's reaction. "A snake? Like a garden snake? That is it! We're leaving!"

Choices galore!

1) Should we visit Julianna in the dungeons, or work towards our desired emotion?

2) Should we be Yielding or angry? Yielding allows us to get anything other than weapons and lumen, which we can't use right now. Angry gives us a benefit to weapons, but gives penalties to other skills. Yielding can be gotten in only a single (not vising Julianna) week, but angry will take quite a few. Look at the second post for more details.

3) Vote for 3 more classes.

4) If Elodie has the skill, should she refuse the necklace she gets from Talarist?