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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 40: Playthrough 2 - Part 3

Week 7 begins exactly the same as before. (Part 1 Part 2)

A visiting noble wishes to speak with you.

*sigh* Who is it?

The Duke Consort of Mead.

(If I remember right, he's the brother of the Duchess of Ursul.)

You follow your father downstairs to greet your guest.

I come to you on behalf of the people of Ursul, who have been left without a protector. Commoners require governance and leadership, or they fall into chaos.

You want me to free your sister the Duchess?

I wish for Ursul to have a leader. If my sister has displeased you, then I stand willing to serve. If you prefer Julianna in that position, then yes, free her. It is, of course, your decision.

It's almost like the game is trying to tell us something.

What to vote for:

1) Should we free Julianna? - For the 53rd time

2) If we don't free Julianna, should we visit the dungeons to stop in and say hi?

3) 3 classes

4) Does the printing press sound like a good idea?

5) What should we do in the Ixion negotiation? Buy Ixion back, execute the negotiatior, bluff/intimidate, or surrender the province?

6) Throw in a vote for the tuxedo.