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Part 43: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 1

She doesn't respond. From this distance, you can't be certain she's even breathing. Not that you're going to go into her cell to check. You're not that stupid.

Still, it's... a little bit creepy. From now on you'll just avoid this cell.

Dareon posted:

Take the monocle off our catsuit and add it to the Tuxedo.

It may only be for one image, but it is glorious!

There is a man here to see you. He wishes Crown funding for a project of his. Remember, the treasury is not unlimited. If you choose to invest, you will have less money to work with later.

Man: Your Royal Highness, I have a plan to print books using metal letters which can be moved and reused. I need to borrow 875 lassi to assemble the metal and a factory to mold and cast the type. With this system, we will be able to create new books in a fraction of the time it takes now, and make copies to send all over the world.

(Hmm. If it really works, that could be a very important invention.)

We would be happy to invest in your venture.

Week 9 unfolds exactly the same as last time except...

This takes away the option to immediately go to war with Ixion.

Your skill in Court Manners is now 50. You may not increase this skill until your other Conversation skills are 25 or higher.

You have the full support of my sister and myself, Your Highness.

Hmph. Let's get this over with.

Diplomat from Ixion: Your Royal Highness, thank you for granting me this audience. I am sure we can come to an amicable agreement.

Diplomat from Ixion: Let bygones be bygones, no? We will forget about your unprovoked attacks on us, and you will transfer the rights to this little province. We can be good neighbors again, without any lives being lost.

That is not acceptable. All the land north of the river belongs to us. We are willing to offer some payment in exchange for the inconvenience you have suffered, but nothing more.

Diplomat: I believe we could settle the matter for eight thousand golden lassi.

(That's more than all of Maree pays in taxes in a year! It's far too much.)

Of course, we are going full queen, so the correct choice is obvious.

You and I both know that's more than the land is worth. Four thousand lassi is more than generous.

Diplomat: Then we accept your generosity.

(Phew. At least that's over with.)

Still, 4000 Lassi sound like a lot. Let's check our treasury.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You have five thousand, one hundred and twenty-two gold lassi and thirty-four silver tilassi.

So, between the printing press and the negotiation, we've used up about half of the royal treasury.

1) Vote for 3 classes

2) How should Elodie deal with the old woman? Should she pardon her, imprison her, execute her, or ask the Earl of Io about his story (if we have enough internal affairs)?

3) Should I continue to show the weekend events, or should I leave them out (unless they are special or new)?