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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 46: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 4

I don't want anyone to forget her.

That... that's very thoughtful of you.

For a moment, he blinks repeatedly and does not speak.

Joslyn does have emotions! Who knew?

There is a letter for you as well.

(It's from Briony! I went to school with her, but she's a couple years older than me. Her mother is the Duchess of Mead. She's complaining that her mother still won't let her come home for the holidays.)

(Apparently her uncle Kevan has been acting strangely lately and shouting at shadows. Her parents are fighting and she thinks they might split up.)

(She's bored and looking for an adventure. Well, I don't have any to suggest to her!)

This festival occurs the same as last time, until...

The newly planted tree in front of you quivers, and then, out of nowhere, a spurt of water comes up from the ground, spattering you and the assembled crowd with droplets. Just as quickly as it began, it vanishes. The priestesses try to calm the crowds with talk of omens and natural eruptions, but they can't halt the whispers: dark magic. That water tasted of salt.

That night, the guards report that Julianna, the former Duchess of Ursul, has mysteriously vanished from her cell. Everyone is suspected, but no one seems to know what happened.

You now have an enemy on the loose.

Now that we have a magical enemy on the loose, should we reconsider our priorities?

Vote for:

1) 2 classes

2) What mood would be best for Elodie? Should she become angry to get weapon training, or should she remain yielding?